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August 2012



In this month's newsletter we have some great offers, namely our Seminar on 25th September and the current Health Check promotion we are running.


With Olympic season upon us, its a great chance to consider all the planning that has taken place by Team GB and how that is now paying off.  


On a more financial matter we consider what's on the mind of a CFO at the moment?  


The Innovar team are hitting the road this month taking holidays and recharging batteries. Destinations include Italy, Florida, New England, Spain, Yorkshire and Kent. If you are taking any holiday we hope you have a great time, don't get too sunburnt, too wet and enjoy!


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


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In this issue
CPD Forecasting and Budgeting Seminar 25th September
Health Check Promotion
Olympic Thoughts
What's on the Mind of a CFO?
Seminar 3

CPD Forecasting and Budgeting Seminar - 25th September, Birmingham 



Innovar are in Birmingham this September, delivering this informative and thought-provoking seminar. It has been very well received on the previous occasions it has been delivered, with 100% of delegates stating they would recommend it to a colleague.


So if you want to gain some practical and useful budgeting and forecasting tips from the planning experts and earn CPD at the same time, why not join us on 25th September in Birmingham.


Go to:

Topics covered will include:
  • Cost Allocations
  • Collaborative Planning and Managing the Planning Process
  • Integrated P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash flow 
  • There will also be an optional afternoon session demonstrating the Anaplan and Cognos planning software.

To find out more and register please go to:

Heath Check Promotion   


Are your forecasts and budgets perfect?     Seriously?


Would you like to produce forecasts that are more accurate? After all, having forecasts that you can trust should mean that you can base important decisions on those forecasts and not be embarrassed later on.


Would you like to have a budgeting or forecasting process that is easier to operate and manage, perhaps taking away tasks from humans that computers perform much quicker or removing bottlenecks that bring the whole process to a grinding stop?


Perhaps you simply want a planning process that works and works fast, so that you can change a few figures and have a new, consolidated version within minutes rather than days.


Would you like all of that at an unbeatably low rate?


August is one of our quieter months and we are never as busy as the rest of the year, so we are offering our Planning Healthcheck service at a 50% reduced rate to encourage you to put us to the test. In our Health-check, we come to you and review your planning processes, systems and analysis and make recommendations on how to improve your budgets and forecasts. Whether you are using specialist planning software, spreadsheets or the back of an envelope, we can review your current system and report back our findings and recommendations.


And would you like all of that guaranteed?


Now we can't guarantee that we can improve your planning process, but we can guarantee that unless you are happy with our work, you won't pay. Yes you did read that correctly:


If you are not happy that we are good value for money, then you simply don't pay us!


That should lift any worries that you are taking a risk with Innovar, because we have just lifted all of the risk on to our shoulders instead. All of our senior consultants have been working as business consultants in this industry for over 15 years and we have yet to find any other company offering any such guarantee.  Perhaps they are not confident that they have the right skills or expertise. Perhaps they don't care if you are satisfied or not. Well, we are (quietly) confident and we very much care.  If you are not happy with the consultant and the work completed on the day then we simply won't invoice you.


Innovar Health-check


Our one day health-check includes the following:

  • Investigation of planning and forecasting process
  • Analysis of planning accuracy
  • Meeting with process owner
  • Meeting with planning contributors
  • Meeting with planning and forecasting recipients
  • Discussion about future-proofing
  • Executive Report  summarising findings and making recommendations

Our 1 day health-check is normally priced at ,1500 but throughout August we are making this service available for only 749 plus VAT and pre-agreed travel expenses.


To request a ring-back to discuss taking us up on our one day health-check, fully guaranteed, then click here now to fill in a few details and we will give you a ring back.



Olympic Thoughts     


As I write this, the Olympics are well and truly upon us and after a slow start Team GB are gradually gaining momentum and climbing up the medal table.   


 For full article follow link 




What's on the mind of a CFO?     


If you are a CFO what sort of things are you thinking about? Today I am going to look at some of the challenges facing a business that will affect its financial decision making. These can be internal to the company, in which case the company has a reasonable amount of control in dealing with these issues, or they can be external to the company, where the company has less control of the issue.  


For  full article follow this link 



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