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June 2012



In this month's newsletter; with the Olympics fast approaching we ask the question "How will the Games affect your business?" Whilst on the sporty theme, what lessons can businesses learn from top Sports men and women? We ask our new recruit Catherine Hubbard to say Hi and ask you to join us for our next webinar where we can show you how to build a Staff Planning model in Anaplan in 30 minutes. 


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


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In this issue
Free Webinar -Master Staff Planning - Move beyond traditional spreadsheets
Innovar Welcomes Catherine Hubbard
Are you fit for the Olympics
A Summer of Sporting Dreams
Ask the Expert

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Free Webinar - Master Staff Planning 

Move beyond traditional spreadsheets


Accurately planning for staff costs is tough. If you are using spreadsheets they will be overly complex, time consuming to prepare and then maintain and often very inaccurate. There is also, most of the time, lots and lots of them. But Staff Costs are typically the biggest cost base of a business so no matter what, it needs to be done.


Improving staff Planning, or payroll planning as some people like to call this area, is the most popular area we are asked to help model with our customers.


In our next free webinar on Friday 6th July at  10.00 join us for 45 minutes to see how a staff model can be quickly built and implemented using Anaplan. Register Here 


The Anaplan software works in the cloud. That means there are no IT costs. It is completely scalable both in terms of the number of users and the size of your model. It has instant consolidation, has built in graphics and is written in a user friendly manner for business people not IT technicians.


On this webinar we will show you how to;

  • Import lists and data
  • Build a model
  • Write calculations including conditional formula
  • Manage the flow of data
  • Build a dashboard
  • Create and manage workflow
Join us on Friday 6th July at10.00 for this 45minute Webinar and see how Staff planning can be simplified using AnaplanRegister Here

Innovar Welcomes Catherine Hubbard   


Innovar are delighted to announce that in May, Catherine Hubbard joined us as a consultant. Here are a few words Catherine has put together to introduce herself:  


Catherine Hubbard 


"I started working with Cognos Planning delivering training in 2006 before moving into consultancy in 2007. In November 2009 I moved into Technical Support so I've managed to see the software from lots of different angles - from Training where everything works to Support where it sometimes doesn't!


I've worked across a number of different sectors - Public, Financial/Banking, Marketing, Retail and Publishing working for such customers as The British Library, Santander, Hiscox, Oasis and Conde Nast. I am currently working in Chertsey doing work for Crest Nicholson in the building and construction industry. Over the years, my work has involved a fair bit of travel and I would go regularly back and forward to Geneva where I was working for P&G as a Brand Equity Manager at their Western European HQ. In terms of Cognos work, I think the furthest afield has been N. Ireland.


Earlier in my career I worked at Harrods as a Graduate Management trainee and it was one of the oddest experiences of my life! I ended up managing their pet shop which included tasks such as measuring dogs for clothes and dressing them in things like tuxedos (that's not a joke). Also, this was in the days of Mohammed Al-Fayed and as he walked round the store he was always preceded by a Scots piper in full Highland dress playing away on the bagpipes. An interesting experience certainly!


On a personal level I have just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary and have a daughter called Imogen born in Jan 2009. Other things about me - I love reading and I go to the gym 2/3 times a week (I'm one of the ones who looks like a sweating beetroot). I like running and I am doing my 5th half marathon this October in Windsor. I am also excellent at making dens, going to soft play centres and basically anything that involves amusing a 3 year old"





Are you fit for the Olympics?


The Olympics and Paralympic Games are now only a little over a month away. The Olympics run between 27th July and 12th August and the Paralympics between the 29th August and 9th September this year. Organisations need to consider what impact the Games may have on their business and make a plan to minimise disruption.


For full article follow this link  



A Summer of Sporting Dreams  


 If you are a sports fan then you will probably be gearing up for a spectacular summer of sport. The Olympics are fast approaching (I watched the flame go through my town in the pouring rain, as a local choir belted out "Walking on Sunshine" - if only irony were an Olympic sport...) and the Euro Championships in Poland and Ukraine are due to start even earlier. 


For  full article follow this link 



Ask the Expert 


I am pleased to announce this new article which we will be including in future issues of the Innovar Newsletter. This will be your opportunity to raise questions on budgeting, forecasting, planning, and planning solutions. Questions will be printed in the Newsletter with a response from our planning experts. This a great chance for you to receive free advice and hints and tips for good practice. So start sending those questions in to me at





And finally


"To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time."  


Leonard Bernstein   


 Rushing Person





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