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April 2012



In this month's newsletter we begin looking at cloud based planning. We have two articles, one looking at its place in the future of financial planning, and the second outlining what a cloud based product can offer, in particular Anaplan. In addition we have an invitation for you to join the free Webinar we are running on 24th April, where Paul Baron will discuss Cloud Based Planning and Anaplan in further detail. There is also an article which looks at how businesses can find a balance between meeting long term and short term goals.  


In our previous Newsletter we told you that some of the Innovar Team would run for Sports Relief on 25th March. Find out how it went. 


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


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In this issue
Free Cloud Based Planning Webinar
Who's afraid of the Cloud?
Cloud Based Planning
How can I meet my Short Term and Long Term Goals?
Innovar ran for Sports Relief

Free Cloud Based Planning Webinar 


Would you like to know about Cloud Based Planning? Isn't it time you replaced, at least gradually, all those spreadsheets, that have become unmanageable and out of control, with data you aren't sure is totally reliable? Cloud Based Planning can give you on-line, joined up, robust, easy to use, automatically consolidated applications that can be shared by hundreds of colleagues, or just used by you, without the spreadsheet headaches.   


If you would like to find out more join this Webinar by Registering Here




Who's afraid of the cloud?


Cloud software will one day be the norm. There, I've said it now. My position is clear and unambiguous. One day the cloud will be the natural choice for storing and running business applications. The only questions that still need answering, are when that day will arrive and what follows it?


For full article follow this link 



Cloud Based Planning 


If the article above has sparked an interest in Cloud Based Planning, or you are already aware of Cloud Based Planning and would like to find out more then follow this link. 




How can I meet my Short Term and Long Term Goals?


Businesses continually face a dilemma between meeting short term and long term goals. A quick detour to meet a short term goal can take you off course for meeting a long term goal. On the other hand sticking too tightly to a long term goal may mean missing opportunities. 


For full article follow this link 


Sport Relief

Innovar has run for Sports Relief 


Richard and I, along with our children ran for Sports Relief on Sunday 25th March. It was a gloriously sunny day and there were many runners, walkers, dogs and babies in pushchairs, all taking part for a great cause. My daughter and I did a steady walk/jog for 3 miles, wearing colourful feather boas, in 35 minutes. This didn't stop us being lapped twice by my son, who ran 6 miles in an impressive 39 mins. Richard too, did very well running 6 miles in 49 mins,  however he was disappointed to be beaten by Scooby Doo and two ladies dressed as bees! Our biggest achievement is that we have managed to raise over 200 for Sport Relief.

If you want to find out more then please go to Jones Family Sport Relief

At the Start Line          Janice and Richard with thier medals
At the Start              Richard Completing 6              Richard and Janice with
                                    miles                                           their medals

And finally


"A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door"   








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