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  February 2012



In this month's newsletter we have included  information about our forthcoming CPD Forecasting and Budgeting seminars in Manchester and London. These follow on from the successful seminars we ran in Warwick and London last year. We also have two articles relating to forecasting: one about where ownership of forecasting should be placed within an organisation and another on what you should put into a forecasting policy.We've also included some information on Sports Relief which some of the Innovar team are taking part in and our usual update on Ian Webb, part of the Innovar family. 


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


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In this issue
CPD Forecasting and Budgeting Seminar Manchester and London
Where should we place ownership for the forecasting function within a business ?
What should I put in my forecasting Policy?
Innovar is running for Sports Relief
Worldwide Webb


Seminar 3  

CPD Forecasting and Budgeting Seminars in Manchester and London   


 Following on from the delivery of this seminar twice last year, we now plan to run it again in Manchester on 28th February 2012 and Central London on 13th March 2012. This seminar has received very positive feedback, with 100% of delegates saying they would recommend it to a friend or colleague and 100% saying they would attend another seminar that Innovar deliver.   


All organisations need to do forecasting and budgeting and this seminar is a great opportunity to learn from the experts.  


These seminars cost just 199 per person for the Early Bird Rate. The Manchester Early Bird Rate finishes on 11th February and the London one finishes on 18th February, so book soon! 


If you would like to know more about these seminars then please follow the links:


28th February 2012  Manchester     Seminar Details           Register Now

13th March 2012      London           Seminar Details           Register Now 





 Where should we place ownership for the forecasting function within a business?


There are many areas within an organisation where ownership for forecasting could be placed: Sales, Marketing, Inventory, Finance and Supply Chain are all possible candidates. But which department should have overall responsibility and ownership?


For full article follow this link



What should I put in my forecasting Policy?


How many companies have a formal forecasting policy that has been defined and written down? If you don't have a formal forecasting policy then your company cannot be clear about what it wants to achieve and how it plans to get there. If you do have a formal forecasting policy does it contain the main principles for a quality forecasting process? Once this is defined good practice will follow.


For full article follow this link 

Sport Relief

Innovar is running for Sports Relief 


Richard and myself, along with our children have taken the plunge and decided to take part in the Sport Relief Mile on 25th March. Richard will be running 6 miles and I will be running 3 miles - this will be quite a challenge on both our parts, as neither of us have done this before, so we have already started training for the event.

If you want to find how we are getting on then please go to Jones Family Sport Relief or if you wish to find out more about Sport Relief go to Sport Relief.

We will let you know how we got on in the next Newsletter. 



Worldwide Webb


Ian's journey has come to an end and he returned to the UK on the 14th January. Reading his blog, he has had a fantastic time and all of us at Innovar look forward to catching up with him soon.


Follow Ian on his blog at Ian's Blog, with pictures at Ian's photos.

Further details of the itinerary can be found at Uk to Oz Website.




And finally


"Even if your on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there"

Will Rogers


   Frog on Track

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