Wells Brothers Pet, Lawn & Garden Supply                                                           May  2015, Vol.2
Location & Hours

5001 K Avenue
Plano, TX 75074
Phone: (972) 424-8516 

Store Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9 am - 7 pm 
Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm
Closed Sunday

May 1 -31, 2015

May 1 - 31, 2015

May 16, 2015 
June 6, 2015
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

May 25, 2015 

May 30, 2015
Closing at 1:00 pm

June 13, 2015
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Save on Muenster Dog Food
Save on Muenster Natural Classic Chicken Dog Food in May!

$1.00 off  5# Bag

$2.00 off 15# Bag

 $3.00 off 30# Bag

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News From Wells Brothers Pet, Lawn & Garden Supply

It's time to stock up and save on Purina Lifestyle Horse Feeds.  All varieties are buy 4 get the 5th bag FREE! This sale doesn't come around often, so take advantage of this great deal!

May 25 is Memorial Day and Wells Brothers will be closed.  Before you kick off your Memorial Day cookout,  make sure your propane tank is full.  Wells Brothers offers on-site propane tank refills. Stop by and fill up your tank!

We've got really big news to share!  Danielle Wells, daughter of Richard and Stephanie Wells, is getting married! To celebrate this union, Wells Brothers will be closing at 1:00 pm on Saturday May 30th.

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Buy 4 Get 5th FREE Purina Horse Feed

Celebrate & save! During the entire month of May, buy any 4 bags of Purina Lifestyle horse feed and we'll give you the 5th bag FREE!!! No coupon necessary! All 4 bags must be purchased during the same transaction. Offer valid while supplies last. Please call 972-424-8516 or stop by Wells Brothers, we'll be happy to help Purina Lifestyle H ...
Dick's Garden Blog - Tips For A Beautiful Lawn

The number one question in my top 10 list for most asked lawn question is "what's wrong with my lawn?" After looking at pictures on someone's phone and with some conversation we can usually determine the cause to the problem. I divide lawns issues into several categories: insects, fungal, environmental, maintenance, nutritional and the unknown category. Insect and fungal ...
Aphids Everywhere!

One of the scourges of the home garden is the aphid. They suck sap from stems, leaves, branches and the fruit of plants. They also carry some particularly nasty diseases, principally viruses. Their poop (of sort) called honeydew, draws ants which can transport aphids to other plants. So the next time you see ants climbing the stems of okra, peppers, ...
Bumps On Leaves? Could Be Leaf Gall

Odd little bumps on leaves and funny protuberances on your plant's foliage may be a sign of pest, bacterial or fungal problems. They are called gall. A gall is an abnormal growth of plant tissue that can occur on leaves, twigs, branches, flower, roots and fruit. They can be caused by insects, mites, nematodes, fungus or viruses. Galls are ...  Read More
Propane Tank Refills

Do you know that we sell C3H8? C3H8 is also known as Propane. We do not exchange tanks, but we do refill tanks and charge by the gallon. Current price for a gallon of propane is $2.05. The most common tanks are grill bottle and they hold 4.5 gallons of propane. Why pay more if you don't have to? R ...
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