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Nov 1 - 30, 2013

November 3, 2013
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November 27, 2013

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November Pet Food Of The Month

The featured Pet Food of the Month for November is Exclusive Chicken and Rice Cat Food. Save $1.00 on the 4# bag, $2.00 on the 18# bag
2013 Deer Hunting Season Dates

Garden Tonic
$4.99 a gallon 
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News From Wells Brothers Pet, Lawn & Garden Supply

Happy November! With the cooler weather, landscapes require less watering. The Cities of Plano and Allen will institute Stage 3 water restrictions the first week of November. Read up on how to care for your fall landscape below. 

November is the right time to add color to your landscape with pansies. These beautiful plants add an instant pop of color to flower beds and pots. 

Have a problem with rabbits devouring your fall planting? Read below and how to use fox urine to keep rabbits and other wildlife away from your plants. 

The official Wells Brothers Almanac Calendars have arrived. Everyone gets the first one free, while supplies last and then they are $1.00. 

Don't forget, daylight saving time ends November 3rd at 2:00am. 

Just an analog store in a digital world,
Dick Broussard
It's Time to Plant Pansies

It is time for planting pansies. Pansies like well-drained soil, cool weather, and partial shade to full sun. Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of Rocket Fuel (2-6-1) in the hole when transplanting. Fertilize them every other week with Blood Meal (12-0-0) or manufactures recommendation. I also recommend Bat Guano, but it has been in very short supply of late. I ...
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Caring For Landscapes
Updated Local Watering Restrictions

The growth rate of Bermuda and St. Augustine lawns has really slowed down. This doesn't mean that we stop watering our lawns, we just water less. Remember that the grass is still alive and needs moisture for survival. If we don't get rain for a couple of weeks, then water. This goes for the trees and shrubs also. ...
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Root Barrier

A root barrier is simply a device that keeps the roots of a plant out of a given area. Many residents install root barriers to keep roots from interfering with their foundation. Root barriers are installed below the ground with a portion remaining above ground. The reason for the above ground piece is so that roots do not grow over ...
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Deer Season

The bow hunters are leaving the woods and the gun hunters are heading in. Deer hunting season begins on November 2, 2013. Just a heads up, some of the hunting regulations have changed from last year. I had no idea I could hunt mule deer and pheasant in far north east Texas. Hunting regulations vary by county so check on line to ...  Read More
A Tip On Using Galvanized Containers

Wells Brothers sells galvanized pails, buckets, tubs and trash cans. Like most galvanized containers they come with a very fine film of oil on them. If you are using them to hold trash, you can stop reading now. But, if you purchase these fine containers (from us or anyone else) and are using them to hold dog food, bird seed, ...  Read More
Fox Urine
Keep those rabbits away!

Are you tired of rabbits and other wildlife munching on your landscaping? Try deterring the little creatures with fox urine. Fox urine will keep rabbits and most wildlife from eating your pansies and other tasty plants in your flowerbeds. Before you handle fox urine, make sure you have a good pair of dishwashing gloves. To use fox urine in your ...
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Thanksgiving Hours

Wells Brothers Pet, Lawn and Garden Supply wishes everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day. We are thankful for your business and support! Well's Brothers will close at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 27th and be closed Thanksgiving Day. We will reopen for Black Friday on Friday, November 29th!
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A Little November History

November 1, 1848 - The first medical school for women opened as the Boston Female Medical College. 
November 2, 1947 - The only flight of Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" flying boat occurred in Long Beach Harbor, California. It flew about a mile at an altitude of 70 feet. 
November 11, 1938 - Irving Berlin's God Bless America was first performed. ...
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