The Freehold Forum  Fall Quarter 2014
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Jenni Taggart, Vice-President
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Matthew Bursell, Treasurer
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Kristina Austin
Liza Comtois
David Friedt
Adrien Gamache 

Narea Kang
Scott Maddock
Aaron Moore

Hello Freehold Community,


Fall is here and we are excited to greet the season with our Fall Quarter class offerings and articles from our Freehold community. 

Our e-newsletter offerings include: 

*Board Member John Helde's experience participating in our enhanced performance of Shakespeare's Henry IV

*Student Aaron Moore extolling the fun to be had in discovering Shakespeare
*Student Ruth-Ellen Perlman sharing about her Playwriting III-New Play Lab journey
*Welcome and Introduction to Freehold's Ensemble Training Intensive Diversity Scholarship students 


Wishing you all a wonderful fall! 




Kate Gavigan

Communications Manager, Freehold

From our Lab: Engaging with Theatre by John Helde

I'd been anticipating this summer's Engaged Theatre production The Flower of England's Face: Henry IV - a special cutting and reworking of three of Shakespeare's historical plays - for awhile.  I had the opportunity to see a work-in-progress last summer and it was electric even then. More ... 
From our Studio: Discovering Shakespeare by Aaron Moore

After coming back from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I was pumped to get back into acting. My curiosity about the Bard was piqued. As luck would have it I was able to get into Freehold's Shakespeare Intensive with Amy Thone.  More ...
From our Studio:  My Playwriting III Experience by Ruth-Ellen Perlman 

I registered for the Playwriting III class
with Rebecca Tourino  for several reasons:  some of my friends had taken classes with her and recommended her highly; I knew that without a class, meaning deadlines, I wouldn't do any work over the summer; ... More...  
From our Studio:  Get to Know Freehold's Ensemble Training Intensive 2014-15 Diversity Scholarship Students

Welcome to Freehold's Ensemble Training Intensive 2014-2015 Diversity Scholarship students: Brace Evans, Marie Bolla and Fernando Luna. Read an interview with Brace, Marie and Fernando and hear what they are looking forward to with ETI. More ...  



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