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Hello Freehold Community,


A new season for us translates into new classes and fun new events. We're excited to have both coming up!


Fall quarter classes are open for registration and will be starting in October. 


Freehold Forum Live! on Auditioning with a great line-up of panelists is on October 3rd, with panelists Erin Kraft, Margaret Layne, Myra Platt, Amy Thone.


We hope you enjoy our e-newsletter offerings: 


*Teaching Artist Eva Abram shares her experience participating in our Engaged Theatre Residency at Washington Corrections Center for Women this past spring,
*Two playwriting students, Sue McNally and Caitlin Coey, talk about how they were led into "the world of their imagination", 

*Archana Srikanta writes about her "Almost Magical" Rehearsal and Performance class journey.
*Freehold Faculty Member Gary Schwartz clarifies the difference between the long and short form of improv,   

*Congratulations to our first Sisu Scholarship recipient Klementina Mellin!


Here's wishing everyone an inspiring fall!




Kate Gavigan

Communications Manager, Freehold

From Our Lab:  The Power of Art in Action: Engaged Theatre WCCW Residency by Eva Abram 

When I was invited to participate in the Engaged Theatre Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) residency, learning that a theater-oriented group of people would guide participants through a series of writing exercises that would then be used to create a play, I was, well, curious. More 
From our Studio: Interview with Playwriting Students, Sue McNally and Caitlin Coey

We had a chat with Freehold Playwriting alums, Sue McNally and Caitlin Coey, about their playwriting experience and what they're looking forward to in their upcoming Playwriting class.
What drew you to sign up for Freehold's Playwriting class? 
Sue:  I'd been in a slump with my writing and saw that Freehold was offering Playwriting.  
From our Studio: Almost Magical by Archana Srikanta

I had
my eye on this one for awhile and I did my homework well ahead of time.  Even before Freehold's Rehearsal and Performance class opened for registration this past summer, I had rummaged through the internet picking fragments of information from blog posts by previous students, previous class schedules, previous performance invitations, anything to piece together a mental picture of what it might be like.  More
From Our Studio: Spolin Games and Improv by Gary Schwartz
We'renull excited Gary will be teaching Improv with us this fall with an emphasis on Spolin Games. Gary Schwartz says that "Spolin's philosophy does not stress the intellectual approach, (known and shared information) and instead aims for getting a direct experience (right now) and challenges the player to enter into a state of true play where the mind and body unite to become fully involved in solving the problem, thus accessing the intuition."  To read Gary's full article, go here.  
2013-2014 Sisu Scholarship Awarded

Freehold is delighted to announce that Klementina Mellin is the recipient of the 2013 Sisu Scholarship.  The scholarship is a merit based award that provides a full tuition waiver for our advanced training series the Meisner Progression to one student per year who demonstrates the passion, the potential, and the drive to move theater forward and to make a lasting contribution to the community we serve.  More


Check out our GREAT Fall Classes! New this quarter: We have some weekday daytime classes - check out all our wonderful fall classes! 

**Freehold Faculty Upcoming Shows
**The Freehold Forum Live!: Auditioning Conversation, with Panelists: Erin Kraft, Margaret Layne, Myra Platt, Amy Thone. October 3rd, 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Freehold. We will be taking a waiting list at the door.
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