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Hello Freehold Community,


We know summer has arrived when we hear the patter of actors' feet (and incredible voices!) down the hall as they rehearse for our Engaged Theatre production of Henry IV. We are inviting the public to join us for an Open Rehearsal of Henry IV on Wednesday, July 10th at the UW. Tickets can be reserved here (Pay What You Can at the door).


We're also pleased to be able to share some great articles from our Freehold community members including the following:


*Freehold student Bernardo Rivas shares how acting classes have benefited him professionally and personally
*Freehold's Operations Manager, Lucinda Stroud, on her experience attending our Engaged Theatre residency at the Monroe Correctional Complex this past spring. 
*An interview with new Freehold Faculty member, Andrew McGinn 


Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful summer!




Kate Gavigan

Communications Manager, Freehold

FroBernardo Rivasm Our Studio: My Freehold Experience: "Taking Acting Classes to Improve my English" by Bernardo Rivas
Communication is hard enough in your own language.

I was born and raised in Mexico City and Spanish is my mother tongue. I've taken
Step I: Intro to Acting to Step III: Basic Scene Study at Freehold in order to improve my proficiency in the English language.  More ...  
Lucinda Stroud From Our Lab:  My Engaged Theatre Experience by Lucinda Stroud
This hadn't been the first time I had gone into prison for the Engaged Theatre program, although this was my first time viewing the residency at the Monroe Correctional Complex for Men.   More ... 
AndrewMcGinn From our Studio: Interview with new Freehold Faculty member, Andrew McGinn

You have an extensive background in the performing arts including getting a degree at Julliard. When you look on your experience at Julliard what are a few highlights of your experience there?
To be honest, the real highlight at Juilliard was learning to be ready to be knocked around inside of plays, and whatever comes into the imagination because of them.  More ...



**Check out our GREAT Summer Classes! We have a new faculty member, Andrew McGinn teaching Intro to Acting this quarter
**Freehold Faculty Upcoming Shows
 **Freehold's Meisner Progression Showing, June 25th at 7:00 pm, Free
**Reserve a ticket!  Freehold's Open Rehearsal of Henry IV, July 10th - Pay What You Can at the door but please reserve a ticket as space is limited.
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