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Hello Freehold Community,


Since the sun has been shining, we have been noticing the smiles are multiplying both on the street and around Freehold.  The weather is only part of the reason for our grins ... we are also happy to announce that we have a great line-up of spring classes and our annual auction is right around the corner on May 13th (more information to come).


We hope you enjoy our spring articles:


*Rebecca Tourino  - Read Rebecca's moving insights regarding her recent Engaged Theatre work

*Amy Thone - Go behind the scenes with Amy on her latest work

*Ana Maria Campoy - Follow along on Ana Maria's Studio Series journey from inception to completion


Wishing you all a wonderful spring! 




Kate Gavigan

Communications Manager, Freehold

Rebecca Tourino From Our Lab: "Sisu" by Rebecca Tourino 



Robin Lynn Smith taught me that word. It's Finnish, and it has no direct English translation. It has been used to describe the Finnish spirit - what makes the Finns the Finns. I don't actually know any Finns, but I think "sisu" relates to what my grandparent's generation might have called "character."

MORE ...  

From AmyThoneour Studio: Backstage at The Trial with Amy Thone

I am sitting "backstage" right now, in the dark and somewhat dusty confines of the beautiful and strange Satori theatre space ... the space that New Century is utilizing for our next show, an adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial ... 
Ana Maria Campoy From Our Studio:
Meeting Nemesis by Ana Maria Campoy 


I met Gin Hammond in a stage reading that we did over a year ago. At the end of the play, we talked about possible future projects we each had in our midst, when she brought up Nemesis. 



**Spring Class Schedule - Registration is now open!
**Freehold Classes: We have a new faculty member, Marc Kenison, teaching Solo Performance this quarter and we added another spring class:  Auditioning with Darragh Kennan
**Freehold Faculty Upcoming Shows
**Save the Date:  Freehold's Annual Auction, Monday, May 13th.  More details to come!
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