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Upcoming Events 

Join fellow conservationists to hear speakers, network with colleagues, and meet with legislators to express support for increased state investment in outdoor lands and water quality protection.

March 24th
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Indiana Statehouse
200 West Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN

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Spend an hour at an engaging presentation from Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director of HEC, who will talk about the way Hoosiers eat, travel, and use energy will be affected by decisions this month in the Indiana Statehouse. Learn about what you can do at "Greening Your Community" by stopping by the HEC table.

April 1st
1:00 PM
IUPUI Campus Center
420 University Blvd
Indianapolis, IN

Mama Summit is a chance for moms, dad, grandparents, and kids from across the country to show broad and united support for children's health. Together in a bipartisan, or MOMpartisan, setting we will demand action to protect the air our children breathe-both indoor and outdoor-and call for action on climate change. HEC's Dr. Indra Frank will be one of the speakers.

April 8th
Indiana Statehouse
200 West Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN
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Thanks to all of our newest HEC Green Business Partners!

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Endangered Species Chocolate (Indianapolis)

Sowing the Seeds
Solaris (Carmel)

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Julie L Rhodes Consulting (Indianapolis)
Contact Key State Reps to Oppose a Costly, Weak Energy Savings Program

This Wednesday, the Indiana House Utilities Committee will hear SB 412, a bill that purports to replace Indiana's highly successful, but now abolished Energizing Indiana program with a much weaker, purely voluntary, utility-run energy savings program. A nationwide study showed that states with programs like Energizing Indiana have 350% more energy savings investment than states that don't.

By taking the purely voluntary approach of SB 412, Indiana would not only sell itself short in terms of reducing energy bills for Hoosiers, but send a very weak market signal to companies involved in energy efficiency manufacturing, installation, and service. The latter problem with SB 412 means less jobs for Hoosiers interested in going into the clean energy sector. Email or call these state representatives to oppose SB 412.
Join Us at Aveda Earth Month

Over the last 8 years, Aveda has raised $32 million to support clean water projects around the world, including the important work of HEC since 2010. Our very special relationship with Aveda helps to raise awareness of water quality issues in Indiana. Throughout the month of April, salons all over Indiana will host various Earth Month activities, including:
  • Catwalk for Clean Water, the eco-chic event of the year in Indianapolis, featuring fabulous hair, makeup and fashion, on April 12,
  • Earthfest, a Fort Wayne bike tour followed by live music and food trucks organized by Adler J on April 25, 
  • Water Warrior Yoga, a donation-based yoga class in Broad Ripple Park by Bambu on April 26, and 
  • Running Water 5K, In Touch SalonSpa encourages participants to walk, run, skip or roll across the finish line in Fort Wayne on April 26.
If you are a guest at an Aveda salon, please consider supporting their Earth Month efforts by buying baked goods, raffle tickets, or plant starts to support HEC!
Say "No" to a Bill that Will Undermine Future Health & Environmental Protections 

While Indiana's environment has improved over the last several decades, our state continues to face vulnerabilities due to poorly controlled industrial activity (e.g. coal ash and factory farm lagoons), new unregulated technologies (e.g. fracking), and activities that the federal government has been historically silent on (e.g. smoke-spewing outdoor wood boilers). HB 1351 would make it much harder to enact needed, science-based regulatory safeguards to protect you and your family from environmental and health dangers.

Urge members of the Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee to not hear HB 1351.
Ask Your State Representatives to Protect Our Drinking Water Now and for the Future

In response to the catastrophic disruption of Charleston, West Virginia's drinking water service caused by a leaking above ground storage tank, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management asked Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso) to introduce above ground storage tank registration legislation. SB 312 requires tank owners to register a tank that is along a stream within 25 miles of a surface water drinking water intake, or within 5 miles of an intake in Lake Michigan, unless that tank is already required to report under a different law. The bill also requires water utilities to prepare a threat minimization and response plan so that they are prepared to respond to and limit the impacts of a spill that threatens their drinking water intake.

HEC and allies are urging that the bill be strengthened by reducing the number of reporting exemptions, requiring more information about the tanks and their contents be reported, and requiring tanks smaller than 660 gallons, the bill's reporting threshold, to report if the tank contains a particularly dangerous chemical.

Please contact members of the House Environmental Affairs Committee and urge them to amend and strengthen SB 312.
Help Renew Indiana's Investment in Conserving Natural Areas & Wildlife Habitats

Since 1992 the Indiana Heritage Trust has protected 60,000 acres of wild Indiana land for our state parks, state forests, nature preserves and fish and wildlife areas. State general fund appropriations for this very successful program once totaled $2.5 million a year, but this appropriation has dwindled to less than $100,000 a year. Since 2012 the Bicentennial Nature Trust (BNT) has supplemented Heritage Trust land acquisitions, but BNT funds will be exhausted in 2016.

In the last two years alone, the Heritage Trust and BNT purchased notable natural areas such as: 110 acres of lakefront forest and bog in Allen County; the last unprotected old growth forest in the state in Shelby County; and 103 acres of pine and chestnut oak woodlands in the Knobs overlooking the Ohio River in Floyd County.

HEC supports the Indiana Conservation Alliance's request that $2.5 million be appropriated in the second year of the 2015-2017 budget bill. Please contact your state senators and state representatives and urge their support for a $2.5 million investment in protecting Indiana's natural lands.

Please use our Rally Congress form to urge your legislators to protect much-needed funding for the environment!