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We need your help to continue our work on Green Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and 21st Century Transportation legislation.  Donate Now!

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Lobby Days 
Attend Transit Day and Conservation Day at the Statehouse!

March 10th
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Join transit enthusiasts from across Indiana at the Statehouse to listen to speakers, talk with your legislators, and network with a diverse group of partners.


March 24
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Join fellow conservationists to hear speakers, network with colleagues, and meet with legislators to express support for increased state investment in outdoor lands and water quality protection.   Find more information at the Indiana Conservation Alliance website.
You Can Take Action Now!
Contact the members of the Senate Agriculture committee and urge them to vote "No" on SJR 12:


Contact the members of the House Utilities, Energy, & Telecommunication Committee and urge them to vote "No" on HB 1320:



Rep. Eric Koch 


Rep. Robert Behning

Rep. Dale DeVon

Rep. Dan Forestal

Rep. David Frizzell

Rep. Randall Frye

Rep. Christina Hale

Rep. Alan Morrison

Rep. Matt Pierce

Rep. Cherrish Pryor

Rep. Edmond Soliday

Rep. Mike Speedy

Rep. Heath VanNatter 

Help Defeat the Dangerous Right to Harm Amendment (SJR 12)!



In the name of protecting "farmers' rights," the Indiana General Assembly passed a law last year requiring regulators, planning and zoning officials, and judges to construe laws and rules in favor of protecting the interests of big agribusiness. Although that sort of protection is not enjoyed by any other industry in the state, the new law apparently did not satisfy agribusiness advocates. This year, a lawmaker allied with big agribusiness is pushing for sacred protection in the form of a constitutional right - on par with our right to vote and freedoms of religion and speech - "to engage in effective livestock production practices and technologies" regardless of the harm those practices cause to the environment, animals, and people.


We urgently need your help to stop SJR 12, a dangerous measure which has been scheduled for hearing on February 16th, at 10:00 a.m., at the Statehouse, RM 130. 


Attend the hearing on February 16th!

Call or send an email to one of the Senate Agriculture committee members, listed to the left and on our SJR 12 webpage.
Defend Energy Freedom! Save Rooftop Solar by Opposing HB 1320 

HB 1320 would put up serious roadblocks for you to install solar panels at your home, place of worship, or your local school. This bill would allow utilities to charge burdensome new charges on your energy bills and create red tape to plug into the grid. Most disturbingly, it would end net metering as we know it in Indiana - the best incentive that Hoosiers have to power their places with the sun.


Oppose HB 1320!  Email Key Lawmakers Before a Key Vote on the House Utilities Committee!


The members of the House Utilities Committee are listed in the left sidebar. Please email the state representative closest to you or, if you do not live near one of these districts, email the committee chair, Representative Eric Koch.

Don't Let Lawmakers Undermine Our State Regulators' Job to Protect Your Health and Safety!


HB 1351 was heard by the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee on Feb. 3rd and passed out of committee in a 7-4 vote. The most dangerous part of the bill - which would have voided any existing state regulations not considered to be explicitly authorized by federal or state law - was removed prior to debate, in part because of media attention generated by HEC and our partners.


However, the amended HB 1351 is still a bill that HEC and more than fourteen other statewide and regional organizations oppose. This bill would impact virtually all agencies of the state government and could paralyze them in carrying out their responsibilities in the fear that they may be sued for going beyond what federal programs require.  It also creates new bureaucracy in the form of a "Regulatory Accountability Office" at the taxpayer cost of nearly half a million dollars a year. Additionally, this bill is not consistent with the Hoosier tradition of protecting "state's rights" by weakening Indiana's ability to make its own decisions on how best to protect its people from threats to health and safety.

HB 1351 will face votes on the House Floor in the coming days! 

Take action now and Oppose HB 1351!

Please email your individual state representative and urge them to vote "No" on HB 1351!

A Big THANK YOU to Senator Jean Leising for Putting the Brakes on SB 249!


Eliminating one of the few remaining safeguards in place to protect Hoosiers who live next to factory farms, SB 249, as initially written, would have stripped the ability of local governments to decide if and where factory farms can be located in their communities. HEC, our partner organizations, and supporters voiced strong opposition to this bill -- opposition that helped
convince Senator Leising to amend the bill requiring the Purdue Extension and Purdue University College of Agriculture to study whether the bill is truly necessary.


We will continue to monitor SB 249 as it makes its way through the House. In the interim, we thank Senator Leising's thoughtfulness in putting the brakes on the original intent of SB 249 and urge our supporters to do the same.


To thank Senator Leising you may email her or call 1-800-382-9467.
Thank you for your action!

The Hoosier Environmental Council Team