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Contact the members of the Senate Agriculture committee and urge them to vote "No" on SJR 12:


Contact the members of the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee and urge them to vote "No" on HB 1351:



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Rep. John Bartlett

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Dear HEC Friend,

The two most dangerous, anti-environmental policy proposals of the 2015 Indiana General Assembly are coming up for key votes this Monday (Feb 2nd) and Tuesday (Feb 3rd). Read about these two highly damaging policies below, and then contact key committee members as soon as you can. Thank you!
Factory Farms Should Not Have a Right to Harm - Say "No" to SJR 12!

The constitutional "Right to Harm" amendment is back under a new name, but is just as harmful as ever. Contrary to its innocent title, "Right to Farm and Ranch," Senate Joint Resolution 12 (SJR 12), would give unprecedented constitutional protection to a single Hoosier industry: commercial-scale industrial livestock operations, more commonly known as factory farms.   

Giving the same sacred protections to livestock production practices as those enshrined to protect our  right to vote and freedoms of speech and religion, will provide the livestock industry with  a legal shield and privileges  not enjoyed by any other industry in the state.  And, local and state officials  would be effectively stripped of their ability to safeguard rivers and streams, air quality, property values, and the quality of life of Hoosiers who are forced to live near massive, manure-filled lagoons and thousands of animals confined  at factory farm operations.

Please help us defeat this dangerous measure that is contrary to long-held Hoosier ideals of a fair playing field and strong property rights for all Indiana citizens. Take action today!


SJR 12 will be heard this Monday, February 2nd in the Senate Agriculture Committee so please act fast!

Call or send an email to one of the Senate Agriculture committee members, listed to the left and on our SJR 12 webpage.
Don't Let Lawmakers Strip the Power of Indiana's Regulators to Safeguard Your Environment and Health - Oppose HB 1351!

The U.S. suffered three major environmental disasters last year - in Ohio, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Indiana, with thousands of chemical storage tanks, thousands of miles of chemical pipelines, and among the highest density of coal ash and factory farm lagoons in the country, is vulnerable to having its own environmental disasters.

Indiana environmental regulators have historically played a very important role in proactively minimizing such dangers to Hoosiers and the environment. But things could drastically change if HB 1351 were to pass.

HB 1351 would completely repeal existing Indiana regulations that are not expressly authorized by federal or state law, and forbid Indiana regulators from enacting any new regulations, unless they are expressly authorized by federal or state law.

Given the grip that special interests have over the decision-making of Indiana lawmakers, HB 1351 would likely mean that virtually all positive, Indiana-based environmental policymaking - short of that which would be authorized by federal law - would come to a halt, making Indiana vulnerable to new environmental risks.

HB 1351 will be heard on Tuesday, February 3rd in the House Governmental Reform Committee.

Call or send an email to one of the committee members, listed in the left-hand column and on our HB 1351 webpage today!
What More Can I Do on These Bills and Other Legislation?
  1. Follow the latest developments and action alerts on HEC's Facebook page, Twitter page, and on our Bill Watch page.
  2. Attend a "Meet your Legislator" event (located at the bottom of our Bill Watch page), and urge your legislators to oppose SJR 12 and HB 1351!
Thank you for your action!

The Hoosier Environmental Council Team