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As we huddle inside to escape the cold Indiana winter, many of us are comforted by symbols of the season's holidays, whatever our tradition or background, such as the Christmas tree, menorah, or Yule log -- all of which harken us back to the natural world.



We hope that nature is very much on your mind this holiday season, as we look back on a year marked by breakthroughs in protecting our climate at the national and international level, and yet also a year marked by environmental tragedies, such as in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.


HEC has worked hard to protect your environment here at home.  In 2014 alone, we led the effort to defeat a dangerous, proposed amendment to our constitution pertaining to factory farms, were instrumental in spotlighting threats from coal ash lagoons across Indiana, and were an important voice in the successful effort to pass a mass transit funding bill this year.


As an organization that looks out for you throughout the year, we hope that you'll include HEC on your holiday giving list.   If you donate to HEC before the end of year, your tax deductible gift will be matched one for one, thanks to the generosity of a local supporter!


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or another holiday, we send you our warm wishes for an enjoyable, safe final week of 2014!


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Jesse Kharbanda

Executive Director

Hoosier Environmental Council