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Lobbying Days:
Date: January 23
Time: 10 - 1:30
Venue: Indiana Statehouse

Date: January 28
Time: 8:30 - 1:30
Venue: Indiana Statehouse

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January 18
- Lafayette
January 20
- Danville
January 24
- Shelbyville
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PLEASE NOTE: Some Chamber-sponsored events are not open to the general public; for others, there is a cost to attend. Find more information on upcoming "Meet your legislator" events HERE.
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Four Urgent Calls to Action
      Giving Club State House
The 2014 Legislative Session may have had a slippery start, with the massive winter storm that hit Indiana,
but legislators have moved quickly to advance dozens of bills.

We highlight four of them for you: three that we're urging you to contact your legislators to vote "No" and
one to vote "Yes". Please take a few minutes to stand up as a green-minded citizen. Help take charge of Indiana's environmental future, especially at a time when major pieces of legislation might move us in a backwards direction!
A New Dangerous Factory Farm Bill Emerges (SB 186, HB 1200)

Last year's "Right to Harm" constitutional amendment was not introduced this year, largely due to the opposition of our allies and supporters.  However, two dangerous companion bills have been introduced in its place that will achieve essentially the same impact.  Like the Right to Harm amendment, SB 186 and HB 1200 will extend special legal protections to factory farm owners to use practices that pollute our air and water, contribute to contaminated drinking water and algal blooms, harm neighbors, reduce property values, and contribute to food-borne illnesses. 


Where is it now?

SB 186 passed out of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee on January 13 by a vote of 8-0. It will likely be heard on the full Senate floor this week. HB 1200 was assigned to the House Agriculture and Rural Development committee, and is likely to be scheduled for this coming Thursday. 



Call or email your Indiana State Senator and urge them to oppose SB 571 and HB 1200!  You can find your legislators here, or you can send an email with just one click through our Action Center.  

Stripping Indiana Policymakers of the Ability to Solve Local Environmental Problems
(SB 376, HB 1143)

coal ash/power plant These bills would strip Indiana's state environmental regulators of their ability to enact safeguards that go beyond what the federal requirement requires Indiana to do. This means that if Indiana regulators wanted to tighten regulatory protections from factory farms, coal ash sludge lagoons or fracking facilities, it would be legally barred from doing so. The broader implication is that Indiana willingly, voluntarily is making it more difficult to deal with potential environmental crises in the future. It is one of the most far-reaching, troubling pieces of legislation that we have encountered.

Where is it now?
SB 376 has been assigned to the Senate Environmental Affairs committee, and will be scheduled for a hearing soon. HB 1143 has been assigned to the House Environmental Affairs committee; it was originally heard on Jan. 15, and it will be voted on Jan. 22.

Contact your legislators and urge them to oppose SB 376 and HB 1143!  You can find your legislators HERE.
Expanding Mass Transit in Central Indiana
(SB 176) 

Based on recommendations of the Central Indiana Transit Study Committee, this bill will authorize Marion (Indianapolis), Hamilton, Johnson, Madison and Delaware Counties to cooperate in building and operating an improved regional transit system with increased local bus service and new rapid transit corridors.


To fund this expanded system, the bill will allow the participating counties to levy a very modest local income tax as long as voters approve in a referendum. 


Where is it now?

SB 176 has been assigned to the Senate Tax & Fiscal Policy committee, where it is expected to be heard next week. 



Call or email your Indiana State Senator and ask him or her to support SB 176!  You can find your senator here

"Ag-Gag" Anti-Whistleblower Legislation
(SB 101, HB 1191)

For the second year in a row, big agri-business wants our state law-makers to pass "Ag Gag" legislation that would make it a crime to document and expose the truth about harmful meat industry practices and conditions at factory farms. This violates free speech rights and consumers' right to know how our food is produced. Learn more about Ag-Gag HERE


Where is it now?

SB 101 has been assigned to the Senate Corrections and Criminal Law committee.  The bill was first heard on January 7, and amended to remove language that would have allowed factory farm owners - not lawmakers - to decide what was legal on farm property. The committee has not yet voted on SB 101.  HB 1191 has been assigned to the House Courts and Criminal Code committee.



Contact your legislators and urge them to oppose SB 101 and HB 1191!  Send an email with just one click through our Action Center.


Attend a "Meet your Legislator" event, and talk to your legislator about the need for whistleblowers to protect the safety and security of our food supply!  Find a list of upcoming events HERE.

Thank you for taking action on these critical bills!  If you need help reaching your legislator, or want more information on these bills, please write Falon French at



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