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That's exactly what might happen in Indiana if lobbyists representing big agri-business have their way in Indiana's 2014 legislative session.  The seemingly harmless sounding proposed "Right to Hunt & Fish" amendment should really be called the "Right to Harm". If these special interests get their way, the Bill of Rights in Indiana's Constitution would be amended to include this as a fundamental right--on the same level as "freedom of speech" and "freedom of religion".

As a fellow Hoosier, and as a parent, I am very concerned about the profoundly damaging effects this could have on our children's health and Indiana's environment in general, as constitutional protection would give these big factory farms a free pass to pollute our land, waterways, and air, while local and state policymakers stand by, stripped of their rights to act.

I hope you'll join me and take action now to protect our children, and the health and safety of all Hoosiers:

Donate now to support HEC's statewide education campaign to defeat the "Right to Harm" amendment!

Contact your legislators now, and ask them to oppose efforts that place the interests of industrial livestock agriculture above the health and well-being of Indiana's children!

Watch our short video on Right to Harm.
Right to Farm or Right to Harm?: Take Action to Stop a Dangerous Policy
Right to Farm or Right to Harm?: Take Action to Stop a Dangerous Policy

Thank you!

Nancy Dietmeyer
Development Director,
Hoosier Environmental Council

P.S.  Your financial support for our campaign will be matched one for one, thanks to a local family foundation, if you give by Dec. 31st!