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The start of the 2014 Indiana legislative session is only about a month away, and we want to make you aware of a troubling development. The powerful factory farm lobby in Indiana is working to resurrect a highly controversial constitutional amendment, known misleadingly as the "Right to Hunt and Fish", or the "Right to Farm".

If this unprecedented proposed amendment were to become a part of Indiana's constitution, it would effectively eliminate the ability of our local and state officials to do anything to safeguard our communities from factory farm pollution. It's why we see this dangerous constitutional amendment better described as "Right to Harm".

We need your help to stop this amendment!

Here is how you can take action now:

1)  Donate today to support HEC's statewide education efforts in a grassroots campaign to defeat this amendment at

2)  Contact your state legislators to let them know you are against an amendment to Indiana's constitution that would hamper our ability to enact or enforce safeguards to Indiana's air, water, and land from factory farm pollution. Find your legislators and sample letters at

3)  For more information about this issue and how the "Right to Hunt and Fish" or the "Right to Farm" is really the "Right to Harm" by the factory farm lobby in Indiana, go to our Bill Watch page.

Together, we can defeat this "Right to Harm" amendment and send a message to the Indiana General Assembly that Hoosiers do not believe that a single special interest should gain constitutional protection, and that the rights of Hoosiers to have clean air, water, and land should not be compromised.

Thank you for your support! 


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Jesse Kharbanda

Executive Director 

Hoosier Environmental Council


P.S. If you donate by December 31, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!