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Jack Johhson Match Opportunity
Discount Extended for Annual Forum
Right to Farm or Harm?
Good News on Rail Efforts
We need your help to continue our work on Green Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and 21st Century Transportation legislation.  Donate Now!

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HEC gets a helping hand from Jack Johnson!

Thanks to Jack Johnson's "All at Once" campaign, HEC was there at the October 5th Indianapolis From Here to Now to You concert at the Murat, to get concertgoers to take the "No Plastic Pledge" and learn about HEC.

Now we have the opportunity to receive a matching grant of up to $2,500 from the Jackson Ohana Foundation for donations we receive through November 1.

We're halfway there, so please help us reach our goal by making a donation online at or through the mail (please note Jack Johnson match)! Thank you!

Early Bird Discount Extended; Sponsors Joining HEC for 6th Annual Greening the Statehouse Forum 
greenhouse3 HEC's Greening the Statehouse forum is the premier opportunity to network with others who share your concern for the environment.  The purpose is simple: bring together Indiana's concerned citizens, organizations, local and state elected officials with the purpose of providing information on legislation that could impact our environment, and encourage interaction and discussion on advocating for change!

The early bird discount has been extended until October 15th, to ensure that every one of our supporters has a chance to take advantage of the price break.  Register today, and save 25%!  
And thanks to our sponsors, who help to cover the costs of our conference and keep our prices low: 

IUPUI Office of Sustainability
Indiana Living Green
League of Women Voters of Indianapolis
Improving Kids Environment
Indiana Recycling Coalition
Indiana Public Health Association
Carmel Green Initiative

More sponsors will be listed soon - and sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are still available.  Learn more!

Contact Your Legislator to Oppose "Right to Harm" Amendment

With your help last session, we stopped agribusiness lobby efforts to create a constitutionally protected right to "engage in the commercial production of meat, poultry, and dairy products."  Senate Joint Resolution 7 (SJR 7)-- the "Right to Hunt and Fish" resolution -- would have amended Indiana's State Bill of Rights to provide the corporate livestock industry with special legal protection and immunity not enjoyed by any other industry. It also would have effectively eliminated the ability of the State and local governments to protect our environment, food safety and rural communities from factory farm pollution.  


Unfortunately, SJR 7 will be back this session so now is the time to urge your legislators to oppose this dangerous favor to big Ag. Click here to learn more and take action.

Your Efforts Worked! -- Encouraging News on Passenger Rail
Spurred by widespread public support, negotiations between Amtrak and the state of Indiana to continue the Hoosier State service are underway.  Amtrak and the state must finalize an agreement by mid-October.  In September, the Indiana Department of Transportation released a cost-benefit analysis which found that ridership forecasts indicate there is a need for improved passenger rail between Indianapolis and Chicago.  It also found that adding one daily roundtrip would cost the state no more than maintaining the existing service, since increased ridership and ticket revenue would offset the incremental cost of the improved service.

Watch our new video,"What's happening with the Hoosier State?" and visit our action center to learn more and take action today. 
HEC Unveils PACEIndiana.org, an Effort to Promote Greener, Energy-Saving Buildings

Do you work for, or own, a business that wants to install green technologies, like energy-saving heaters, efficient faucets, or solar panels? Often, the challenge is that your company may not have the money to invest in such green technology. HEC, along with our partners, is leading an effort to get Indiana's legislature to adopt 'PACE financing'. PACE allows cities to implement programs that provide low-interest, long-term loans to invest in green technology; one advantage of PACE over conventional loans is that these loans stay with the property, not with the property owner. 

Please visit our new website, paceindiana.org, to learn more, attend an upcoming workshop, and help advocate for Indiana to join 30 other states which have PACE financing!
 HEC would like to thank these green business supporters:

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