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HEC's Annual Greening the Statehouse Forum

Save the Date for the 6th Annual Greening the Statehouse forum on Saturday, November 16th at the IUPUI Campus Center!  This year, we will be designing a program - in conjunction with IndyTalks - focused on how to advocate for your child's health and safety.   

Register today and take advantage of our early bird discount. More details will be coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!
Ask Gov. Pence to Protect Our State Forest Backcountry Areas
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is proposing a new timber sale for the backcountry area in Morgan-Monroe and Yellowwood State Forests. About 100 acres of the 3,014 acre backcountry area would be logged in the next year and a half, with mature white, red and black oaks making up most of the harvest. The Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood State Forest backcountry has not been logged since its establishment in 1981. It is a diverse area rich in plant and animal life, and will eventually become an old growth hardwood forest -- a rare type of ecosystem in Indiana -- if protected from logging.     

Please visit our Action Center and send a letter to Governor Pence asking him to halt the backcountry logging plans!
HEC Unveils the Final 'Report Card' of our Fiscal Year
Thanks to supporters like you, HEC exceeded 70% (19 of 27) of our goals for our financial year, which ended on June 30th. 
If you're inspired by our tireless efforts to raise awareness, advocate for you, and stand up for Hoosiers harmed by pollution, please make a donation! 
HEC Holds Forum Aimed at Safeguarding a Community from Damaging Coal Mining Practices

Since Peabody Energy began surface coal mining operations at its Bear Run Mine in Sullivan County, the quality of life for
many residents of Dugger has plummeted. Bear Run is one of the largest strip mines in the nation producing more than 8 million tons of coal per year. To produce this massive amount of coal, Peabody subjects Dugger residents to loud noises, bright lights, heavy truck traffic, destructive quakes and blasting at all hours of the day and night, as well fugitive coal dust and contamination of their water resources. To help residents address these serious concerns, HEC held a community workshop, attended by more than 100 Dugger residents, where attendees learned about human health and environmental impacts of strip mining, applicable laws and regulations, and citizens' legal rights and remedies under those laws.  


To learn more, contact HEC's Director of Water Policy, Kim Ferraro. 

Diversifying from Coal, Fostering more Clean Energy: Two HEC Initiatives  

Indiana has the 4th highest carbon footprint in the nation, and has seen its energy costs move from near the lowest in the nation to near the middle in the last ten years. How can we cut our state's carbon footprint while keeping employers from moving from Indiana due to rising energy costs?  A key strategy is energy efficiency: helping Hoosier businesses and industries - the state's biggest users of energy - to cut their energy bills, while reducing our state's addiction to carbon-intensive, coal-fired power.  HEC has launched two initiatives to make it substantially easier for Hoosier businesses and industries to invest in efficiency.  We're playing a key role to get PACE enacted in Indiana; to learn about this innovative program, watch this video.
We're also pushing to secure incentives for Indiana's biggest energy users to invest in Combined Heat Power (CHP).

Write us if you'd like to get involved in advancing either initiative!

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