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HEC will be tracking and weighing in on dozens of bills during the legislative session.  For more information on bills affecting Indiana's environment please visit Bill Watch! You will find fact sheets, talking points, action alerts, and events - including Meet Your Legislator events around the state.
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Date:  March 29, noon Topic: Factory Farms

HEC's next webinar, focused on two bills which could expand factory farms abuses, will be coming at the end of the month!

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Throughout April, HEC has lots of volunteer opportunities as we table at Earth Day events, participate in river clean-ups and water monitoring, and partner with Aveda for special events around the state! 

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Save the Date
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Update at the Half-Time Buzzer
We are now halfway through the 2013 legislative session, and many bills - several of great concern - are now dead for the session.  HEC will continue to monitor legislation that would improve environmental quality and quality of life - such as transit and conservation funding - and will fight to stop damaging legislation.  Please add your voice to ours as we move into the second half of this session!
"Factory Farm, Right to Harm" Amendment: SJR 7

manure runoff Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 7 will amend the Indiana Constitution to create a new fundamental right for corporate agri-business to engage in the commercial production of meat, poultry and dairy products - a right that will limit state and local lawmakers from protecting Hoosiers from factory farm pollution


Where is it now?

SJR 7 has passed through the Senate by a vote of 38-10.  This highly controversial amendment could be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee as early as Monday.  



Tell your State Representative that corporate meat-producers should not have constitutional protections to engage in practices known to harm our environment, people, and animals.  Visit our Action Center to contact your state representative ASAP!  

Conservation Funding: HB 1001


The biennial budget will determine funding levels for all government programs and agencies for the next two years.  Conservation funding - particularly for public transportation, Hoosier rail, the Indiana Heritage Trust, the Bicentennial Nature Trust, and Clean Water Indiana - should be increased so that Indiana will have the funds needed to protect our precious natural areas and waterways and expand cleaner, greener transportation alternatives.


Where is it now?

The budget bill, HB 1001, has passed out of the House by a vote of 68-28.  HB 1001 will now go to the Senate Appropriations Committee for discussion and a vote.  




Call or email your legislators and urge them to support reasonable funding for these programs:

  • $2 million/year for the Indiana Heritage Trust;
  • $2.5 million/year for the Bicentennial Nature Trust; and
  • $1.3 million/year for Clean Water Indiana and the Division of Soil Conservation.
Click here to contact your legislators on conservation funding! More information on this funding recommendation and the need for these programs can be found at the Indiana Conservation Alliance
Ag-Gag "Anti-Whistleblower" Bill: SB 373

Senate Bill (SB) 373 will criminalize on-site investigations on factory farms, when documentation is sent to the media, and could even imperil employees for reporting unsafe conditions and cruel treatment in their own workplaces.    


This bill is not about protecting trade secrets - every Hoosier has the right to know how their food is produced!


Where is it now?

SB 373 has passed the Senate by a vote of 30-20, and has been sent to the House of Representatives.  It has not yet been assigned to a committee; HEC is watching this bill closely, so please look for a Facebook update.




Contact your state representative and urge him/her to oppose SB 373.  Visit our Action Center to find a template letter and email your state representative directly. 

Thank you for taking action on these critical bills!  If you need help reaching your legislator, or want more information on these bills, please write Falon French at

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