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HEC will be tracking dozens of bills during the legislative session.  For more information on bills affecting Indiana's environment please visit us! You will find fact sheets, talking points, action alerts, and events - including Meet Your Legislator events around the state.
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Contact Your Legislator on Important Environmental Legislation   
In the first weeks of the session, HEC has advanced legislation that will reduce phosphorus and algae in our lakes and create more options for public transit funding.  We are also working to see that several bills that would do great damage to the environment are withdrawn from being voted on.  Below are descriptions of the three highest priority bills currently moving through the legislature.    



Phosphorus-Free Lawn Fertilizers:
SB 546 - Senator Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso)
HB 1202 - Representative Errington (D-Muncie)


This bill will increase consumer education and awareness about the need to reduce our use of lawn fertilizers containing phosphorus to protect Indiana's waterways from nutrient runoff that leads to toxic blue green algae blooms.


Where is it now?

HB 1202 was assigned to the House Natural Resources Committee; SB 546 was referred to the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee.  




  • Contact your legislators and urge your State Senator to support SB 546 and your State Representative to support HB 1202.  Find your legislators here.  Or, visit our Action Center to send an email with just one click! 
  • Contact the Chair of the Senate Environmental Affairs committee, Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso), and the Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, Representative Sean Eberhart (R-Shelbyville), and urge him to support SB 546 (Charbonneau) and HB 1202 (Eberhart).   
Central Indiana Transit:
HB 1011 -
Representatives Torr, Kirchhofer, Porter, Pryor

train in the country


This bill will authorize Indianapolis (Marion County) and the surrounding counties to establish a regional transit authority, and levy a very modest local income tax to pay for a significantly improved regional transit system, as long as voters approve in a referendum.      



Where is it now?

HB 1011 was considered in the House Roads and Transportation Committee on January 23rd. In a four-hour-long hearing, multiple stakeholders - from HEC to the Chamber of Commerce - testified in support of HB 1011.  The committee is expected to vote on the bill on January 30th.   




Call or email your Indiana State Representative and ask him or her to support HB 1011!  You can find your representative here

Factory Farms and Legal Rights:
SB 571
- Senator Banks (R- Columbia City)


HEC opposes this dangerous bill because it will prevent counties and municipalities from enacting ordinances to address community concerns and local challenges related to industrial livestock pollution. Also, SB 571 will shield polluting factory farms from legal liability when they cause harm to the environment or neighboring landowners.   


Where is it now?

SB 571 has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee.   




  • Call or email your Indiana State Senator and ask him or her to oppose SB 571!  You can find your senator here.  
  • Contact the Chair of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee, Senator Carlin Yoder (R-Middlebury), and urge him not to hear this bill!  You can reach Senator Yoder by email or call his office: (800) 382-9842.

Thank you for taking action on these critical bills!  If you need help reaching your legislator, or want more information on these bills, please write Falon French at



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Jesse Kharbanda

Executive Director

Hoosier Environmental Council 

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