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Geneva Broadcast Network
Geneva Broadcast Network (GBN) offers its residents a public access TV channel - Ch. 10 on the Comcast cable system.  GBN provides coverage of City Council and Committee of the Whole meetings, as well as other important public service information.  You can also access GBN via the city's website at:
Thank You for Your Donation!
The City would like to thank the following donors to the Geneva Giving Program and Geneva Beautification Committee for the 4th quarter of 2012:

Marian Allen

Ed and Susan Braunsky

Paul Buckton

Dennis and Debra Carr

Clifford Sales and Marketing

Jeannine Cowart

David and Annette Descoteaux

Peter and Nancy DiRocco

Dan and Roberta Edwards

Geneva Township Republican Central Committee

Paul and Anne Krause

Ed Midgley and Ruth Ann Littlefield

Jay and Lori Moffat

Tom Nichol

Terry and Connie Peshia

Georgia Randall

S. Louis Rathje

Mark and Ruth Richardson

Ron and Marilyn Singer

Smith Family Foundation

The Stith Family

Frank and Charlotte Voris

Jim and Sherri Weitl

Consolidated Elections Apr. 9

Elections for Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer and Aldermen are set for Tuesday, April 9, 2013.  Visit the Kane County Elections website for more information or to find out where your polling place is:

Mayor's Message
Mayor Burns


Dear Neighbors -

If it's true that good things come in small packages, then it must also be true that great things come in a whole bunch of small packages. 

Now that the holidays have come and gone, there are still many small packages that we can open. I for one believe that Geneva has the most unique collection of "small packages" - built, nurtured and led by individuals and couples who have invested their life savings and their very souls to provide good and great things that help define our enviable community. 

The "small packages" I'm referring to are neatly arranged throughout Geneva - on busy county roads, state highways, bucolic side streets, corner lots, second stories, and the garden level in historic homes. 

I am, of course, referring to the more than 1,000 retail, dining and entertainment establishments that call Geneva home and continue to invest in the promise and potential Geneva offers. 

Since its inception, Geneva has been known to people far and wide as the premier place to visit because our collection of "small packages" provide second-to-none service, unique style choices, casual and elegant restaurants and cozy pubs to spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends.

Yes indeed, Geneva has it all.  And everything we have is wrapped up and waiting for all of us to enjoy every day of the year.

We've all been told that it is better to give than it is to it's time we practice what we know to be true by opening the collection of "small packages" found throughout Geneva and give our business owners the honor and privilege of investing in their life's work which makes life in Geneva truly special.

My best,




Kevin R. Burns, Mayor  
City Debuts "INFO" Line - (630) 232-INFO

The City of Geneva has established a new information telephone line at (630) 232-INFO (630-232-4636) for citizens to get up-to-date information during critical incidents as well as everyday helpful information about city services and programs.  This easy-to-use telephone line is designed to provide the community with another opportunity for enhanced communications.



Since 2006, the city has been adding numerous features to improve its interactions with the community such as the weekly "GenevaMail" email bulletin (see link at left to sign up) sent to subscribers that provides them with current information about upcoming meetings, events, and happenings.  The city website also has a service request page (see "Quick Links" in this email) where requests for services or information may be made directly to the various city departments and those requests may be tracked by the subscriber as well so that citizens can obtain the latest information about the status of their requests.  In an effort to be "greener", the city changed its resident newsletter to a digital format in 2008.   Then, in 2009, we introduced public access on Comcast Channel 10, which broadcasts City Council and Committee of the Whole meetings. Since then, the city's communication tools have expanded to include Twitter and Facebook.


Now, citizens have another means of communication to get city information by calling (630) 232-INFO for general information about city services such as building permits, leaf and brush pickup, prescription drug disposal program, CPR classes, open burning regulations, just to name a few. 


The city will update the general message on the INFO line during critical incidents such as power outages and storms for those who may not choose, or have access, to text messaging (the city sends texts messages through Twitter) or via the internet.  The telephone INFO line will include frequently asked question information regarding programs, services and projects.


Callers just enter an extension number to get to the information they need about general services and programs.  Critical incident information will replace the general greeting when needed.  A brochure listing all INFO line extensions will be included in every utility bill in January and can also be found at most city facilities as well as at this link on the City's website: 


Questions regarding the new INFO line may be directed to City Administrator Mary McKittrick at (630) 262-8495 or

Geneva Named "2013 Best Place to Raise Kids in Illinois" by Businessweek Magazine


Homecoming ParadeGeneva, Illinois was recently named "2013 Best Place to Raise Kids in Illinois" by Businessweek magazine!


Businessweek teamed up with Bloomberg Rankings to evaluate more than 3,200 places nationwide with populations between 5,000 and 50,000. Public school performance and safety were weighed most heavily, and to gauge the local job market, they looked at median income and county-level unemployment. Other factors include housing costs, commute time, poverty, adults' educational attainment, share of households with children, and diversity. The data came from, the FBI, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The list excludes places where the median family income exceeds $115,866, the lower limit for the wealthiest 20 percent of U.S. families. 


The feature article can be found at 

City To Update Strategic Plan

 The City of Geneva adopted a community Strategic Plan in 1997 and was approved for an update by the City Council in September 2012. As a part of the update, the city will be reaching out to the community in the coming months for their input. Activities such as community meetings, focus groups, key person interviews will all be included in the preparation and planning for the update. Be sure to check the city's weekly "Geneva Mail" emails or the city's website for upcoming events related to the Strategic Plan update.


Questions regarding the plan may be directed to City Administrator Mary McKittrick at (630) 262-8495 or

City Completes Construction on New Downtown Public Parking Lot 

The city recently opened a newly constructed public parking lot at 215 Campbell Street between Second and Third Streets in downtown Geneva.  The city aquired the land in recent years with the intention of converting it to much-needed public parking.  The lot also contains 6 reserved spots for the Geneva History Center during their business hours only.  In addition, there are 2 handicapped spots at this location.  



The lot looking southeast towards Campbell Street prior to construction.




The new public lot features 22 spaces including 2 handicapped spaces.  

City Begins FY2013-14 Budget Process

The FY2013-14 budget is being developed for the new fiscal year which will begin on May 1. Revenue projections have been lowered over the past four years and are coming in as projected, or slightly higher than expected in some cases. Closely monitoring and deferring expenditures has been, and will continue to be, critical in ensuring a balanced budget.                  


In spite of the ongoing fiscal challenges, city officials will continue to take proactive steps to manage increasing costs, deteriorating revenues, and the uncertainty of our economic future. The FY2013-14 budget will be balanced on sound financial footing. City Administrator Mary McKittrick notes "the city's focus will continue to be on providing essential core services and excellent customer service to our citizens, as it has always been."


Questions regarding the budget may be directed to City Administrator Mary McKittrick at (630) 262-8495 or

City Announces New Name and Programs for Its Public Access TV Channel


The City of Geneva is proud to announce new programming on Geneva Broadcast Network (GBN) beginning in January! GBN can presently be found on Comcast Channel 10 or on the city's website at



  • "GENEVA FACTOR" - a monthly feature showcasing the community with a "man on the street" look at festivals, community events and fascinating people.
  • "CITY WORKS" - a regular feature highlighting city operations, projects and programs along with interviews of city staff from all departments.
  • "OFFICIALLY SPEAKING" - interviews with city elected and appointed board and commission officials on various public-policy issues that affect the city.
  • "BUSINESS BEAT" - a monthly in-depth look at a different Geneva business with interviews and commentary featuring the Mayor and a variety of business owners.  The first installment can now be seen regularly on GBN (Ch. 10) and the city's GBN page on the website every day at 10:30am and 5:30pm.
  • "WINDOWS TO OUR PAST"- a monthly feature highlighting historic Geneva through the ages.
  • "ILLINOIS CHANNEL" - public affairs programming from Springfield IL on the latest state government news. 

These new programs will begin later this month and will be updated each month. We hope you will tune in to GBN (Comcast Channel 10) for our new programming in 2013!

News from the Fire Department
Fair Weather Friend


You wouldn't let your friend stand buried in snow at the curb in front of your house, would you? Of course not! And yet, if your house were on fire, a fire hydrant could be the best friend you have. A fast and adequate water supply for the fire department can make the difference between minor damage and major destruction. The folks from public works are aware of the hydrants and try very hard to avoid covering them with plowed snow. However, and especially in cul-de-sac's, this is very difficult to do as there isn't much space to pile the snow between driveways, mailboxes and fire hydrants. If you are fortunate enough to have a hydrant in front of your house, do the fire department and yourself a favor by clearing the snow away and making hydrants visible from the street.


Fire Dept. Offers Free Home Inspections

In 2011 there were 2,695 fire deaths, 14,740 injuries in 480,500 structure fires in the United States. 82% of all fire deaths occurred in the home.  Fire can happen in any home. Understanding what you can do to improve fire safety in your own home could help save most of the lives and prevent the injuries that otherwise would occur.


Fire Dept. logo 

Are you aware that the Geneva Fire Department offers free residential home inspections as a valuable service to the residents of Geneva? You can have your home inspected at no charge by a Geneva firefighter. A professional inspection can help save lives and property. Your home inspection will cover many areas of potential hazards and will equip you with the knowledge to keep you and your family safe year around.  In addition to an inspection, additional information is provided on home safety. Family safety information provided includes home escape plans, smoke detector testing and fire extinguisher use.


A written report is left with the homeowner at the end of each inspection. Your inspector will point out areas of concern and may recommend corrections to be made. You may receive a recommendation to consult with a qualified professional with experience. You should seek a professional with the proper certifications, insurance, bonding and references.


This program is completely voluntary. No copies of your inspection will be kept at the fire department and no reinspection will be made unless you request one. If areas of concern are found, they will be pointed out to the homeowner. The goal is to make you, the homeowner aware of dangers in their homes and to provide options to correct these dangers.


Residential inspections are conducted by appointment only. The visit to your home will be scheduled at your convenience which typically is in the early evening or weekends.  If you have any questions regarding this or any other issues please call the Geneva Fire Department at (630) 232-2530 or you can visit our web site at 


What Kind of Smoke Detector Should You Use?

Fires can have different characteristics. Some can flame and spread quickly while other fires may take more time to spread but produce more smoke. While types of fires may be different, any type of fire will pose a danger. 


Smoke alarm technology has advanced over the years and consumers today have choices on what technology to use in their homes. While understanding what types of alarms are available is important, it is critical to remember that installing working UL-listed alarms and testing them regularly is the key to providing you additional notice and increased time to escape a fire.

Experts divide home fires into two categories:

  • Flaming fires result from the ignition of items such as flammable liquids, wood or paper, or from open flames, such as candles that ignite other items. These fires produce large quantities of flames and lesser amounts of smoke.
  • Smoldering fires most often occur when smoking materials, such as cigarettes, are left unattended. These fires produce minimal amounts of flames, but larger quantities of smoke.

Data shows that 93 percent of all residential fires are flaming and that flaming fires account for 75 percent of residential fire deaths. Together, both types of residential fires claim about 2,650 lives annually (NFPA).


Smoke Alarm Technologies

There are two types of smoke alarm technologies currently available to homeowners: ionization and photoelectric. Smoke alarms may be purchased with either ionization or photoelectric technology, or in a dual-sensor smoke alarm that combines both technologies into one unit.

  • Ionization smoke alarms may detect flaming fires sooner as these fires generally release millions of smaller and less visible charged ("ionized") fire particles. These particles interfere with the electrical current that flows through the detection chamber which then triggers the alarm to sound.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms may detect smoldering fires sooner as these fires generally produce larger, more visible fire particles. These particles interfere with and reflect the alarm's light beam, which then triggers the alarm to sound.  

Since it can't be predicted what type of fire will start in a home, it is important that both smoldering and flaming fires are detected as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is vital that the correct type (technology) of smoke alarm and their placement (location) within the home be utilized correctly. Additionally, you can leverage the strengths of each technology by considering the location and environment they are placed in. For example, some studies have shown that ionization smoke alarms may be more prone to nuisance alarms, such as those that occur due to cooking.  Consumers may reduce that potential by placing ionization smoke alarms at least 20 feet from appliances, or by installing a photoelectric alarm near a cooking area. Most smoking-material fires, which tend to smolder, begin in a den, family room, living room or bedroom. Families with members who smoke may consider installing photoelectric alarms or dual-sensor alarms in those areas.


The most important thing is to ensure that you have working smoke alarms on every floor of your home, inside each bedroom and outside sleeping areas.

Geneva's Downtown/Station Area Master Plan Approved
On November 5th, 2012 the City Council adopted the Downtown/Station Area Master Plan. The plan describes an overall vision for the future of the downtown and recommendations on how the city can achieve its vision. 
Five goals were developed in the plan to provide further direction to the city's planning efforts. The first goal is to "preserve downtown's authentic character while accommodating new infill development". Objectives developed to achieve this goal are as follows:
  1. Encourage the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic and architecturally significant buildings in the Downtown area to maintain the authentic and historic charm of the area.
  2. Ensure that new infill development is respectful of the existing historic context and contributes to, rather than detracts from, the established character of Downtown.
  3. Continue to prioritize the traditional development pattern which caters to pedestrians, rather than accommodating new development that prioritizes convenience for the automobile.
  4. Continue to promote programs that foster improvement and rehabilitation of historic properties.
  5. Continue to implement a restrained but appropriate streetscaping program to "unite" all of the different areas of Downtown with a consistent streetscaping theme which may include lighting, sidewalks, benches, pedestrian crossings, wayfinding signage, and landscaping, in a manner that showcases the buildings and architecture.
  6. Ensure that residential areas are adequately buffered and screened from new non-residential developments to minimize any negative impacts such as noise, light, or sound pollution.


The complete Downtown/Station Area Master Plan can be found here: 

News from PACE

GPS units and online mapping programs make it easy to plan the best way to walk, drive or bike from point A to point B. What about when traveling via public transit? Many commuters want to enjoy the benefits of saving time and money by using transit but are they do not know where to start. The Regional Transportation Authority designed the goroo® trip planner with this problem in mind.


With goroo®, one need only input their starting address as well as their destination and the site generates different routing options based on what is quickest or has the lowest fare, and tailors the schedule to the desired time and day of the week of travel. It's free to use and can be found at


The site is operated by the Regional Transportation Authority so the results include Pace bus routes, Metra train lines and CTA train lines and bus routes. The goroo® trip planner provides specific boarding and transfer locations as well as the fare associated with each leg of the trip. Other information, including environmental benefits and money saved by choosing transit for the planned trip is also given.


On the go? The RTA recently launched a mobile version of goroo® that's optimized for use on smartphones and other web-enabled handheld electronics. The mobile site automatically launches upon visiting from these devices.


For more information regarding goroo® trip planner, please visit or contact Mary J. Robb at (847) 271-1017 or



A Message from Geneva's Water Division



News from Economic Development 

City Hall Native Prairie Garden

In October of 2012, to recognize the Centennial celebration of City Hall, the city was able to plant a new native prairie garden and an Oak Tree grove. The Garden will sustain itself on average rainfall. A "community of plants" has been chosen which will thrive together, reducing the turf to be mowed, weeds to be mowed, and required water. The new gardens and trees would not have been possible without gracious donations of all product, design work, and installation from Midwest Groundcovers, Midwest Trading Company, Northwind Perennial Farm, WRD Environmental, the city's Natural Resource Committee, (a subcommittee of the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee), and the Geneva Lions Club and city staff.


Geneva Winter Market - 27 N. Bennett St.

The Geneva Winter Market (farmer's market) is now open in its winter location, 27 N. Bennett Street/Geneva Place. The winter market will be open from 9am - 1pm every Saturday through May. The Winter Market has a surprising array of fresh vegetables and other produce. If you are seeking quality,, locally-grown food products, check out the Winter Market. Staples include eggs, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, bread, cheese, fresh produce including greens, squash, potato, onion, beets, carrots, and peppers.


Sundays Are Special in Geneva - Over 100 Shops Open

Downtown Geneva is OPEN on Sundays! Did you know over 100 shops and restaurants are regularly open on Sundays in Geneva's historic downtown shopping district? Shops and restaurants in downtown Geneva will be hosting special events and activities. A complete list of special Sunday events can be found at Events will be added continuously so check back often to see what is happening on any given Sunday in downtown Geneva!


Dancing With Geneva Stars Gala - February 9, 2013


Ticket reservations and team balloting for Dancing with Geneva Stars has already begun. This popular benefit returns to Eagle Brook Country Club on Saturday, February 9 with a new cast of six dance teams. Ticket price is $40.00 for open seating. Voting for your favorite team will continue online until February 8. Every vote dollar contributed benefits the Cultural Arts Commission and the Geneva Academic Foundation. Two new features for the 2013 event are a special performance by past champions from the last four events, and the opportunity to win an iPad by participating in the "head - tail" game for $10.00.


For more event information visit Beat the winter "blahs" and dance with the Geneva stars!


Geneva Film Festival - Save the Date - March 28-30, 2013

Preparations are being made for the 2013 Geneva Film Festival which will be held March 28-30 in downtown Geneva.  If you have not seen an independent film festival and like films, this is a real treat. For less than $10, viewers are able to watch several films from the United States and around the globe in a variety of formats such as narratives, documentaries, animated films, student films, as well as films produced right here in the Chicago area.  The Film Festival's committee of judges will review approximately 80 entries to select the best films from each category to screen for the public.  Several films shown at the Geneva Film Festival have been picked up for distribution by national and international distributors and TV networks.  To find out more about the Geneva Film Festival visit: or find them on Facebook.


City Special Event Application

Beautiful Geneva is an ideal location to hold a special event or festival. Centrally located as the Kane County seat of government, the City is home to pleasing neighborhoods, short walkable city blocks, the Fox River and Fox River Bike trail, many non-profit agencies, a vibrant Chamber of Commerce, a strong business community, and active citizens.


Since 2002 the number of events held in the City has increased and the City uses a "Special Event Application" form to approve requests to host events in the City which are public events using public property and/or services. Application forms are submitted to the City Economic Development Department and then routed to each City Department for approval. If you intend on hosting an event, please contact Ellen Divita, Director of Economic Development at (630) 232-7449, or The form can be found at:


Live Windows On State - Thanks Again!

For the fourth year, during Christmas Walk, downtown businesses hosted local students in "live window" displays. The windows remain a hit and great entertainment. The students drew attention to State Street and earned service credits from the High School. Our thanks to Geneva High School Principle Tom Rogers, Mary Keyser, and Emma Williams for helping the City Economic Development Department in matching students with businesses! Twenty-two businesses participated this year bringing extra entertainment to the Chamber of Commerce's Annual Christmas Walk.


Open Your Business in Geneva!

Considering opening your own business in Geneva? Contact the Economic Development Department at (630) 232-7449. Our Geneva Business Resource Guide will help you identify City, County, and State resources to help you in your business planning. The Geneva Community Profile contains statistics and cost information to help you with your business plan, plus we can help you identify available properties. These documents and more information is found online. Thank you for considering Geneva!


Fall In Love with Geneva

Fall in Love with Downtown Geneva during the month of February. Visit participating stores and restaurants to enter to win a meal from one of Geneva's fabulous restaurants or a $25 gift certificate from one of Geneva's downtown shops. There is no cost to enter. A list of participating shops will be available on by mid-January.


All Geneva Business Directory is Online

Geneva at your fingertips! A listing of all Geneva businesses is now on-line to help you identify local goods and services: 


Welcome to these new Geneva businesses:

Accuquest Hearing Center

2631 Williamsburg #207


Birdie's Nest Resale Shop

4 S Sixth

Blue Lotus Massage Therapy

825 W State #203

Elements Therapeutic Massage

507 S Third #C

Family Eye Care

1871-A S Randall #A & #B

Lilka's Closet

217 S Third #LL

Mr. Cromwell's Attic

219 S Third 2nd Floor

OS2 Salon

507 S Third #D

Page 5 Inc.

2631 Williamsburg #310

Raging Karma

227 S Third #103

Ross Dress for Less

1660 S Randall

Seasons of Geneva

220 S Third #2

Sweet Natalie's

228 S Third #L1


305 W State

The Sugar Path

315 W State

Things Remembered

1514 Commons #8080

Thrivent Financial

524 W State #C & D

Trattoria Totuccio

227 S Third #U1

Lilka's Closet at 217 S. Third Street
Mr. Cromwell's Attic at 219 S. Third Street


Congratulations on your new location:

Art Box

407 S Third #174

Distinguished Millwork & Windows

511 Eighth

Excel Gymnastics

11000 S Randall

For Every Season, Berry House

227 S Third #103

Her Art Shoppe

12 S Third

Megan Kelly Photography

312 S Third

Robert Russell & Associates

524 W State #B

Strut ...Your Stuff Inc

207 S Third

The Velvet Butterfly

1035 E State #J

Valley Acupuncture

319 1/2 W State


Coming Soon:


Agrilogic Insurance Service

716 W State #E


Amerimac Ltd.

2401 Kaneville #8


Bamboo Café

1188 E State #A


Bar Louie

1602 Commons #6000


Brothers Custom Carpentry

612 S First


Dr. Balani

1000 S Randall Ste 225



113 S Third #2A-2C


Geneva Rolling Shutters

612 S First


Gourmet Pizza Corp

1479 E State #1479


Grayson & Graham, LLC

5 N Third #205 & #206


John's Bunk Beds

451 Stevens


KYSSE Studios

8 Richards #1


Law Offices- Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC

501 W State 203


Legacy Lounge

19 N Third


Network Consulting

204 W State #A


OM Sweet OM

321 W James Ste105


Reszel Industries, Inc.

319 W State #D



511 S Third



1438 Commons #9080


T Mobil

1060 Commons #6


Tivoli's Pizzeria, Pasta and Grill

705 E State #C

Unitec Recycling Corp

942 E State

Viking Auto

561 Lark

What's Your Consignment

12 E State

Wiggle Waggle

500 S Third #108 rear

Young Leaders Intl. Christian Academy

409 W State


Welcome a New Owner:


Greg's Shoe Repair

722 E State

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

1308 Commons #5020

State Street Collision

802 E State

gazebo About Geneva - The City of Geneva, population 21,495, is located 40 miles west of Chicago along the Fox River. Geneva's character is sound in its historic architecture, adaptive re-use of historic buildings, mature landscapes and open space with over 700 acres of park land.  With festivals and events year-round, Geneva is a place to connect with others for shopping, dining, or browsing art galleries. Home to excellent schools, library and parks, it continues to be one of the premiere cities in the Chicago area to live, work, play, and raise a family.