Halloween Extravaganza!
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Have a blast with our festivities and take advantage of our referral bonus month!

Enrollment Now Open!

Parent Observation
Monday, October 14 - Sunday, October 20

Parents are invited and encouraged to observe classes.  Take this opportunity to get to know your dancer's teacher, get the latest scoop on TDS happenings, and see how much your dancer has learned in the last few weeks!
Monster Mash Costume Week witch-costume-girl.jpg
Thursday, October 24 - Wednesday, October 30

Dancers of all ages are invited to wear Halloween costumes this week to class. We will be dancing to Halloween music and playing silly, spooky games.
Bring-A-Friend Week
Thursday, October 24 - Wednesday, October 30

We double the fun combining Monster Mash Costume Week and Bring-A-Friend Week.  Friends should come in clothing they can move in (or Halloween costumes they can move in), and bring socks and sneakers.  

No Classes on Halloween
Thursday, October 31
After considering how much our dancers LOVE trick-or-treating, we have decided to cancel classes on Halloween - Thursday, October 31.  This is a new change, that is not reflected in this year's Student Handbook.  Classes will be made up on their regular schedules on Thursday, December 19.  
Calling All Statues...
Intermediate 3/4 & Advanced Dancers
TDS is looking for some human statues to donate to downtown Oak Park during Trick-Or-Treat hours, Thursday, October 31, from 4:00-6:00pm.  Human statues must be in the Intermediate 3/4 level or above at TranscenDance Studios, be allowed on Lake Street without parent supervision, and have a previous recital costume to wear.  Ballet costumes with tutus, or costumes from themed recital dances - jail bird, animals, 1950's, etc - work great!  Dancers will need to hold a pose and stand as still as a statue for 4 minutes, at which time a TDS employee will come and pick you up (literally) and carry you away OR you may be Bippity Boppity Boo'd back to real life by a fairy godmother and go about your business until you reach the next location and are put under a magic spell once again.  Statues may be displayed in groups of 1, 2, or 3 at each location.  Bring your TDS T-shirt or warm-up jacket, as once you finish your statue rounds, you will become a "TDS Employee" moving the statues or a "fairy godmother" casting spells on our statues, allowing them to move to their next location, where you freeze them once again.  
Interested dancers should email Gerrie at greesetds@gmail.com, and be available at 3:45pm on Halloween for a short practice.  
October is Referral Bonus Month
Refer four friends by Halloween and get November's tuition free!

This is a great value for current students who take more than $200 worth of tuition per month at TDS.
What about the regular $50 tuition credit I would receive for referring a friend?
TDS will continue to offer it's standard $50 tuition bonus per referral if not all four of your friends end up signing up.  That means, $50, $100, or $150 in tuition credit if you don't make the four-friend minimum for October's Referral Bonus.  
What is a "friend?"
A friend is someone that could go to school with you or could live down the street.  They can be older or younger, and do not have to enroll in the same dance class that you are enrolled in.  Friends must live in separate households. That means, the Partridge Family does not count for five friends. The Partridge Family plus the Brady Bunch would count for two friends.  
How do I get my free tuition?
To qualify, each new friend must register by October 31 and supply a Referral Form upon registration (found in the Student Handbook).  When a family refers four friends, and they have enrolled and attended at least four weeks of classes, November's free tuition will be applied to one student within the referring family if multiple children are enrolled in classes at TranscenDance Studios.  Since TDS loves you, it will be applied to the student in your family taking the most classes per month.  If you are on monthly auto-debit, your card will be charged for November's tuition, and your credit will be subtracted from December's auto-debit.  
"Human Train Tracks"
Tumbling & Acro at TranscenDance Studios

Human Train Tracks - Adv. Tumbling at TranscenDance Studios
"Human Train Tracks" 
 Tumbling & Acro at TranscenDance Studios


Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Company Members!

Sabrina F. 
Alison S. 
Rachel S.
TRT Apprentices
Morgan K.
Maia P.
Sydney G. 
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Ani B.
Caroline H.
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Christyn R.
JTA Apprentices
Maia P.
Ashley W.
Emily C. 
Morgan K. 
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Lauren R. 
Gracie S. 
Meghan S. 
Ashley W. 
Ani B. 
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Dana S.

HHTF Apprentices 
Cora B.
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Cora B. 
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Acro Team 
Margaret B. 
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Acro Minis 
Katye A. 
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Megan W.
TDS Minis 
Katye A. 
Camryn C. 
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More TDS At Local Schools



TDS is thrilled to add Whittier and Holmes to its list of in-school and after-school enrichment programs!  Students at these schools may sign up for class through the school's PTO.  




Course Name: Shake It Up Dance

TranscenDance Studios in Oak Park presents this beginning-level jazz/hip hop program that will Shake It Up!  This class will be a fun mix of jazz warm-up and technique, hip hop moves and freestyle, all to today's most popular music hits. By the end of the session, students will learn a hip hop dance to Shake It Up! Dancers should wear comfortable clothing they can move in and gym shoes. Family and friends are invited for the last 15 minutes of class the final day of the session for an informal performance.


  • Beye Elementary 
    • currently in session Tuesdays & Thursdays with Trinity Dent
  • Holmes Elementary  
    • currently in session Fridays with Stacy Anderson
  • Longfellow Elementary
    • currently in session Mondays with Taylor Dombrowski
  • Whittier Elementary
    • currently in session Thursdays with Taylor Dombrowski





Course Name: Dance Medley

Dance classes taught by TranscenDance Studios will keep your child active as we cover a wide array of classical dance styles, including creative movement, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tumbling. Children explore cultural movements and music as they participate in both "free" and "inspired" improvisation to Latin, African, and Irish songs. Participants develop motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, musicality, and the confidence to express themselves. The year will culminate in an exciting performance for family and friends showing what your dancer has learned!


  • Oak Park Montessori (937 Garfield St.)
    • Thursdays     9:30-10:00am     (2 year olds)
    • Thursdays     10:00-11:00am     (3-6 year olds)

If you would like TranscenDance Studios at your school, contact Cait at CaitJones@TranscenDanceStudios.com!




Important Dates:

 Oct. 14-20
Parent Observation (Mon-Sun)
 Oct. 24-30Monster Mash Costume Week & Bring-A-Friend Week
 October 31Halloween - No Classes
 November 25Labor Day Makeup Classes
 Nov. 26 - Dec. 1Thanksgiving Break - No Classes
 December 1Deadline for notification of recital withdrawal
 December 19Halloween Makeup Classes on Regular Schedule
 Dec. 15 - Jan. 4Holiday Break - No Classes

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