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March 2013

Issue No. 24


What's Happening at Citizenship Now! 

Tomas Escotto
Volunteer of the Month 

Tomas Escotto joined the Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps on February 23, 2012, and celebrated his first anniversary by attending his 10th citizenship event on February 23, 2013, in Brooklyn.  Tomas became a U.S. citizen in July 2011, then joined the corps because of his desire to help others complete their N-400 process as quickly as possible and to help families be together.   Read more about Tomas and other Corps members!

Feb 2013 event

Recent Events    

CUNY Citizenship Now! recently held two Citizenship Application Assistance Events. On February 23, we teamed up with MOIA to offer a NYCitizenship event in Queens. We helped 140 participants, out of which 101 completed their application for naturalization.  One person was told that she possibly derived U.S. citizenship, so she was referred to one of our centers for further consultation.  Next, we traveled to the Bronx where we held our first event of March at Hostos Community College.  At that event we assisted 130 participants in determining their eligibility for citizenship. One hundred and one participants walked out of the event with a completed application.  Read More.


       Call-in Logo 2013  

The 2013 CUNY/Daily News Citizenship NOW! Call-in
This year CUNY Citizenship Now! celebrates the eleventh annual CUNY/Daily News Citizenship NOW! Call-in. Many of you have already registered to attend and we look forward to seeing you there. Visit for the latest information on this year's event.  With the possibility of immigration reform passing this year and with WABC-TV as a media sponsor of the event, we are expecting a major increase in the number of calls this year.  We are looking to make this year's call-in the biggest ever in our history.  Registration is now open for both the call-in and the training.  



Unpacking the Legal Briefcase 



Medical Waiver

"A medical waiver permits an immigration applicant to be allowed into, or remain in the United States despite having a health condition identified as grounds of inadmissibility. Terms and conditions can be applied to a medical waiver on a case by case basis." (Source:
Click here to learn more about the process for a Medical Waiver.


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Participate in Our Poll  



We apologize because last month we had some technical difficulties with our poll question, which prevented you from participating.  We have fixed the survey so that you can vote!  We look forward to your answers!


What does it mean when an applicant for naturalization agrees to take the "Oath of Allegiance"?


Click here to answer

Volunteer Corner


 The Volunteer Corner


Mark Your Calendars


Saturday March 23, 2013

Citizenship Now! Application
Assistance Event in Queens
Register Now!


Saturday April 6, 2013

Citizenship Now! Application
Assistance Event in Queens
Register Now!



  Bulletin Board


  • We are looking for two people to join the CUNY Citizenship Now! public relations team.  More information can be found here.



  Fun and Stuff 




Become a Citizenship Now! Contributor 

Do you have an immigration

Ask here!

This month's question is:

I'm Honduran, 26 years old. I have been in the
United States since 2005. When I was crossing the
border in 2005, immigration arrested me and
released me after a few months. I was scheduled
to go to immigration court, but I was too scared to
attend. I was afraid I would be deported. I have
never had a criminal record. I work, but since my
job always paid with cash, I never paid my income
taxes. My father has had temporary protected status
since 1999. In 2011, I applied for TPS but my
request was denied. After that, immigration sent
me a deportation letter based on my 2005 case.
My questions are... 

-Name Withheld     

 Read the full question and answer 



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