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September 2012

Issue No. 18


What's Happening at Citizenship Now! 

Volunteer of the Month 

Darrion Maye joined the CUNY Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps and has attended over ten events in 2012 alone.  She works as a teacher for the New York Board of Education and enjoys interacting with people from different backgrounds.  She is originally from Jamaica and immigrated to the United States 11 years ago with an employment sponsored H-1 visa.  After being petitioned by her employer she is made an effort to give back to the community.  Read more about Darrion and other Corps members!

Deferred Action Events

Recent Events    

CUNY Citizenship Now! recently held several Deferred Action Application Assistance Events in various CUNY Campuses.  CUNY Citizenship Now! staff helped 304 CUNY students determine their eligibility for Deferred Action.  Based on our experience at these events and working together with the Legal Aid Society we now are ready for a big scale Deferred Action event.  Given the complexity of the application process for Deferred Action and the amount of documentation Dreamers need to submit, we have a limited role for volunteers at this event.  Therefore we are inviting a small cohort of volunteers to this event.  We thank you for your understanding. Read More.  


See What's New on the Volunteer Corner!
As the Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps continues to grow, we want to acknowledge our volunteers for their continued support of our work.  We have added two new sections to go along with our Volunteer of the Month so with out further ado, click here to view our new Volunteer Corner.



Unpacking the Legal Briefcase 




"An alien in the United States or at a port of entry who is found to be unable or unwilling to return to his or her country of nationality, or to seek the protection of that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution. Persecution or the fear thereof must be based on the alien's race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. For persons with no nationality, the country of nationality is considered to be the country in which the alien last habitually resided. Asylees are eligible to adjust to lawful permanent resident status after one year of continuous presence in the United States. These immigrants are limited to 10,000 adjustments per fiscal year." (Source:
Click here to see the information guide for prospective asylum applicants.


Mark Your Calendars

Saturday September 29, 2012

Deferred Action Application Assistance Event with the Legal Aid Society
(By invitation only)




  Bulletin Board

Citizenship Events on Hold:

Many volunteers have been contacting us about upcoming volunteer opportunities at Citizenship Now! Application Assistance Events and we thank you for your messages.  However, our efforts are being focused on helping CUNY students apply for Deferred Action.  We will let you know as soon as we schedule our next Citizenship Application Assistance Event.  We thank you for being a valued member of the Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps! 



  Fun and Stuff 




Become a Citizenship Now! Contributor 

Do you have an immigration

Ask here!

This month's question is:

I am unsure of how to even ask the question. I don't know anything about the immigration laws, but I have heard of other marines being able to get their spouse U.S. citizenship. I am a former U.S. Marine. I got out around 2004 and met my wife in 2005. We have been married for seven years now and have two kids. I have been trying hard to get my wife to be legal so we can stop living in fear of her deportation. She was brought here when she was around eight by her parents, illegally. She attended elementary school and finished High School. Never been in trouble with the law or gotten any tickets. I have talked to a lawyer and it seems that they just want their money and won't give me any other information other than "she needs to go back and wait." My family cannot be broken up, it would tear us apart. We just don't know what else to do. All she wants to do is to be able to work, legally, and help provide for our kids. Is there anything that we aren't seeing? Any information can help us out.

-Name Withheld     

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