October 2014


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Samuel Taberner - Porcelanosa
Connie Cusick - Connie Cusick Consulting

Ann O'Neil FitzGerald, Student ASID 
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Jennifer Robson, Student ASID 
Courtney E. Bush, Student ASID 
Deanna Nicole DelMonaco, Student ASID 
Tugce Sternemann, Student ASID 
Ellen M Foley Broccolo, Student ASID 
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Greetings Connecticut Members!

I am so excited to have been installed as your President at our Annual Meeting in September and I look forward to a vibrant year ahead.  Our hootenanny had record attendance.  The pizza was top notch and the venue was just delightful.  The farm was fun and refreshing.  Our new Associate Member Ellen Hyde Phillips put it well in her text to me the next day when she said, " was spectacular.  Warm. Friendly. Interesting.  Well organized.  Great Pizza"!  That kind of response is just what we are after.  We are kicking it up ASID CT style by offering a wide variety of activities and events in the coming months.  Please do regularly visit our website calendar and make note of those events which speak to your interests.

Speaking of interests, our board has been
invigorated after having attended the national conference "CLC" in Los Angeles this past Spring!  The experience provided real inspiration.  We intend to share that energy with the design community at large.  In doing so, we have created #DesignMattersCT.  By creating a hash tag in social media, ideas pool up in cyberspace and allows search-ability.  I ask ALL of you to use this hash tag when you post your work, design ideas and innovation that will fuel our energy as an organization.  Let's show the world that ASID matters and DESIGN MATTERS!  Do your part to highlight the truth of our organization.  As a group, we are the pinnacle of the profession.  We are the organization that leads the way in education, research and product innovation.  We are the organization that is charged with mentoring, establishing standards and keeping our environments not only beautiful but healthy and safe.

On October 5th we offered a membership outreach Design Matters: BEACH RETREAT.  Top area designers generously offered their time, insights and stories about their individual career journey in order to mentor to a group of emerging professionals and students.  This program launched our first, "Design Matters" program and a wonderful success.  Our second Design Matters program is coming up on November 13th, look for Phoenix Audio's CEU: Designing to Disguise - The Art of Hiding Technology.
For sure put December 4th down on your calendar!  ASID CT Holiday Party Extravaganza!  Featuring tasting stations and signature cocktails at a super sophisticated design venue.  Not to be missed.  Look for magazine promotions and more on this.....

As always, this organization celebrates the educated designer.  Come to our celebration of design education March 24th at our annual ASID CT Career Night.  This year it will be located at Fairfield University.  Our senior design students will be presenting their portfolio work to seasoned volunteer designers who will review.  Also in attendance will be industry partners displaying their cutting edge products.  Learn from our distinguished speaker, support our upcoming professionals by attending, networking and meeting the new talent.

Collaboration, client development and resourcing are the focus of our work this year.  Specifically, we will be offering a DESIGN FORUM in May.  Our industry partner, Realm will host us in South Norwalk in their fabulous chic studio and brand new industry partner Cottages and Gardens offered to sponsor.  This day to evening event features select vendors that will show off their innovative products during the day while educational consultants will provide discussions and CEUs.  A cocktail reception will kick off the evening with a key note speaker.  Join us in the planning.  Get involved and get connected! 

Now it is time for you to help ASID Connecticut Chapter to KICK IT UP!  Yes, we inspire, mentor, demonstrate, and discover.  We offer a valuable community.  Yes, we reach out, connect and collaborate!  We build this chapter by continually adapting to new ways of thinking, by embracing technologies, driving innovation and acknowledging cultural shifts to advance our profession.  By revamping our Chapter's social media outlets we will be offering our membership tangible value and benefit.  Update your on-line profile and make sure you have lots of updated photography.  I am very excited to report we have a new social media team who are on task to that end.  As members, "share", "like" and "post" to help us get the word out!!  When you see something we are trying to promote - please help us by distributing to your contacts!!

So, I am honored to be in this moment!  I am looking forward to taking on new directions in the coming months with a helpful volunteer membership base, a wonderful board and our fantastic administrator.  Never hesitate to contact me with ideas, questions, concerns and your offer to lend a hand.

All the best from your President, Amy B. Eisenberg

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DESIGN MATTERS - Beach Retreat 


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon Sunday, October 5 th over at Burying Hill Beach where the ASID Connecticut Chapter held our "Beach Retreat." The event was organized by Kristine Kunkel - Membership Director and Samantha Jones- Student Representative to the Board. Burying Hill was filled with close to 30 students and emerging professionals! The afternoon started out with food and snacks, allowing everyone to network and get to know one another and ended with a chance to hear a side of Interior Design that they have never heard before. 


Speakers John Arabolos, Robin McGarrry, and Craig Smith stood before the crowd and shared the history of their "Career Journey." Each speaker shared how they came to Interior Design, the steps they took along the way, how networking has helped them in many aspects, the challenges they faced as they moved forward in their profession, and why Design Matters. The objective was to show these young professionals that one's career journey is typically not a linear path but more like an adventure with twist and turns filled with surprises and interesting people who will impact your career.


"It was inspiring to hear everyone's stories and how they are all so different," said one student at the end of the event.  Overall the "Beach Retreat" was a success and we are grateful to have had a positive turn out. We look forward to seeing more members this year as the ASID Connecticut Chapter has an wonderful line up of events for the remainder of the year and 2015!


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Phoenix Audio and Video CEU
Designing to Disguise:  The Art of Hiding Technology
Thursday, November 13
5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

ASID CT Holiday Party
Thursday, December 4
Karen Berkemeyer Home

LaPietra Tile and Marble

Celebrate Cambria
Thursday, November 6
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Paul Bloom, Allied Member ASID

Bloom Design LLC 


I came to Interior Design via Architecture, graduating Yale with an M Arch degree. I then discovered, as I'm fond of saying, that I get confused by spaces bigger than 20 feet cubed and by multi-million dollar budgets.


After a short stint of working with a commercial Interior Design firm I became focused on product- product development with Warren Platner for Knoll and Steelcase, and then for a much longer time as senior engineer or project manager with regional custom architectural woodwork companies. I established my own company 20 years ago, as computers and the business climate were creating significant changes in our world. This started out as a technical services and migrated  back towards design, my first love. The core of this design work has been interior architecture.


Artists are fond of saying that their art is their passion, and so I'm hesitant to write that down. But, truth be known, so it is. I'm a strong furniture engineer and could have pursued that part of my early career- but only at some cost to my soul. Well, a bit dramatic, but...


My design training was under Dean Charles Moore, one of the pioneer post-modernist Architects in the U.S. I was doing Interior Design in CT- hardly a bastion of post modernism. So, hard-headed modernist NY wise-guy that I am, I came to appreciate the wisdom of traditional furniture and woodwork. This gives me a very broad palette, since my modernist skills are strong, as is my fabrication knowledge.


I am a long time Zen practitioner and meditation instructor, as well as a passionate wilderness backpacker. It  has been interesting to me to come to realize how much these diverse interests are integrated with Interior Design. That is, Wilderness is a place where the reality of the moment is unavoidable. When it's beautiful then it's beautiful, and when it's dangerous then it's dangerous, etc. In the world of Zen, we say that the thing itself is always in front of you- can you see it clearly? can you engage it fully? These issues are indeed the very same issues that we engage as Interior Designs! When a project comes along we need to engage in 100%, without a lot of pretense and pre-conditions. We need to toss aside the extraneous issues and, to a large extent our ego, and see clearly what the budget, client preferences, site and function require. When we can manage this, then the design solution is always fabulous.


I have recently initiated a partnership with Rosewood Custom Cabinetry. This really fills out my mission. I have been doing a lot of Design/Build work over the years, and this puts all the components in one basket. I will continue to do full service design, but will also have the capacity to deliver a full package from concept through installation. Rosewood's operations manager, Paul Carlson, who I've worked with for years has a background in design himself. 1 +1=3!


Trish Arnold


Riverside, CT


I joined Porcelanosa in April of this year as an Outside Sales Representative.  Based out of our Riverside showroom, I work with architects, designers, and builders in CT and Westchester County.  Although well known for our large format tiles, Porcelanosa's products also include mosaics, stone, hardwood, laminate, KRION solid surface, kitchens and bathrooms.  We consider ourselves a one stop shop and our products can be seen in both residential and commercial projects around the world.


I have a degree in mechanical engineering and years in sales and marketing, but it was a bit later on that I discovered my true passion for interior design!  I continue to take courses and there isn't a showhouse I won't travel to and enjoy walking through.  I love working with my clients and being a resource for their projects.  It is inspiring to be in an industry with so many talented and creative people. 


On a personal note, I live in Pawling, NY with my family.  I have 4 kids - 3 girls and a boy - that span the ages of 5-17.  So yes, one is a senior in High School and the little guy just started Kindergarten - how fun!  We love movie night, great dinners and traveling.  My family is from Croatia so we try to go every summer - we are so lucky to have a home there.  It is a jewel of a country!

The LaurelRock Company
Year-Round Alfresco Living In Connecticut
Expand Your Living Space and Increase Your Property's Value


September 30, 2014


As a practicing interior designer, I read with great interest today's Huffington Post article about interior design. After reading the first few sentences, however, it became clear to me that the writer had failed to do some basic research into 

the nature of interior design laws. 


While Ms. Gowins correctly states that "homeowners engage interior designers to beautify their living space," she fails to point out that homeowners and residential designers are not adversely impacted by any law or regulation in the states and territories that recognize the profession of interior design.


In fact, interior design laws actually open areas of practice previously closed to interior designers. 

To understand the nuances of the issue, we need to look at current architecture laws. In their simplest form, architecture laws exclude all design 

professionals other than registered architects from working in the regulated interiors of buildings. These regulated spaces are designated by state 

architecture laws that exclude interior designers and that place limitations on the technical but fundamental elements normally encompassed within the practice of interior design. These limitations are particularly restrictive in commercial spaces. Contrary to Ms. Gowins' assertion, interior design laws, as opposed to architecture laws, recognize a scope of work for designers that 

expands our opportunities to practice our profession. In fact, design laws actually break the monopoly inherent in restrictive architecture 

laws that unfairly recognize only one discipline (architecture) in the multidisciplinary world of design. 


We all know what happens when monopolies are broken: More goods and services are sold at a lower cost - increasing the total market - whether for design services, airline travel, or communications. Job creation is another 

significant impact of breaking up the monopoly created by current architecture laws. Interior design laws allow design As Gowins points out, "Interior-design firms in regulated states earn significantly more than those in unregulated states - about 7.2 million more in a city with a 

population of 1 million." This is exactly the remarkable economic growth to be gained by creating entry into practice areas where designers are currently excluded. Such progress can be achieved only through interior design laws that 

open up the restricted space created by existing law. 


In reality, it is clear who benefits from laws that allow interior designers to practice - everyone. 


Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, FASID, CID, LEED Fellow 

National Chair 

American Society of Interior Designers