Update on the Website Conversion
January 26, 2016

Dear NAPO Members, 

We would like to provide an update on key enhancements to the new www.napo.net website and database. Thank you for your patience and suggestions!

We are pleased to announce that most issues identified by our NAPO members have been resolved (though a website and database conversion of this size will require continued monitoring and changes.) The NAPO Website User Interface Committee and HQ Team continue their focus on an efficient user experience - for both our members and the public seeking information on you. 

The following issues on www.napo.net have been resolved:

1. Advanced Search Functionality
* Glossary of terms added to help the public use the "Advanced Search"
* Search boxes appear higher on the screen (requiring less scrolling)
* Red asterisks and red text help the user to correctly complete both the radius search fields and advanced search fields

2. Map Graphic
* The map graphic default is now OFF (reduces page clutter)
* Users may still "Show Map" by clicking a link

3. International Country Codes
* Country Codes for International Members were added to the database (they hadn't properly converted to the new database)
* All International Members now appear in search results

4. CPOŽ Designation
* CPOŽs may add CPOŽ to the suffix in their profile (Example: Jane Doe CPOŽ)
* The database also allows users to search by CPOŽ (CPOŽs will result even if the member hasn't added CPOŽ to the suffix in their profile)

5. Erroneous "Automatic Messages"
* Some members were erroneously sent "membership expiring" or "CEUs expiring" notices - these auto-messages now function properly

6. Member Profiles
* For assistance with updating your profile, click here.
* To ensure that you appear in the directory, your Professional address must be verified and set to Public or Members Only (this is also addressed in the "How to Update Your Profile" document linked above).

The following issue on www.napo.net is still being addressed:

1. Tracking CPOŽ CEUs
* The team is working to enhance the ease with which to enter, track and retrieve CEUs
* A complete email update will go out to all CPOŽs later this week

Please note: If these changes are not appearing on your screen, you may need to clear the cache on your internet brower. 

Thank you again for your patience and suggestions as we navigate this conversion. NAPO is already seeing positive outcomes from our investment of time and resources. The new website has raised the awareness and ease of registering for our NAPO University on-demand and live webinars!

Please continue to use the "Contact Us" link (located at the very top of the homepage) for ideas to enhance functionality. These comments will be forwarded to the new NAPO Website User Interface Committee.

NAPO Board of Directors and HQ Team