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SummerINParks Finale

Come out as we wrap up our Folktale Fun with the SummerINParks Program finale August 14 from noon to 2:30 PM in Eden Park. Families from across the city of Wilmington will gather to engage in storytelling, crafts and other fun art activities. Is absolutely FREE! Join us!

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Are you sorry to see summer come to a close? 


Bidding farewell to summer is bittersweet. We wrap up Folktale Fun with the SummerINParks series, but cooler days also means deep discounts for our back-to-school programs. 


The approaching fall season also brings more opportunities for storytelling at festivals, libraries and some places you may not expect. Get the 411 below!


A story, a story let it come; let it come. A story, a story let it go!

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This collection of stories and songs may give you an infectious smile and a belief that people can fly!

CD Cover Art: Ron Morris - ImLikeATaxi

"This is our third CD because my daughter played the other two so much that she literally wore them out!"
 ~ Toni Love
Storytelling in Unexpected Places
"I am so glad that the conference helped people in the domestic violence world become aware of what your art can offer victims, as well as, the staff of domestic violence programs." ~Janet Tillman, MSW, 

Praise and accolades continue to pour in from organizers and attendees of the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference where TAHIRA and master percussionist, Baba Paul Lucas, spell bounded the audience with tales of healing. Social services providers also attended TAHIRA's workshop on how to use storytelling to transform trauma. Providers explored how to help clients be the hero in their own stories.

The Walnut Street YMCA continues its partnership with TAHIRA Productions Inc. to present storytelling workshops in its Teen Center to foster youth discussion about the impact of their choices and generate an inter-generational dialogue with seniors at the West Center City Senior Center.

TAHIRA holds fast to the belief that storytelling can make sense out of the senseless and help heal from unimaginable pain.

Interested in how storytelling can engage your organization or community? Email us at info@TAHIRAproductions.com.
Tell them a fact, they will remember it.
Tell them a truth, they will believe it.
Tell them a story, it will live in their hearts forever.

TAHIRA Productions, Inc.