April Newsletter
Summer Class Schedule
Spring Seminar
It is an honor to be a part of the KCHC community: men and women who are dedicated to helping people become free from the lies that imprison them. Oh, the beauty of seeing God's children set free by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Bless you all for your love.
Steve and Tom 


Sozo:                       Facilitation Only 


Time:       6:30 pm
Days:       Wednesdays thru mid-April 
                 Thursdays mid-April thru June 27 

Place:      Tammy and Steve Craft's

Cost:        4 sessions $100 for $35 apiece.

Contact:  Tammy Craft      [email protected]


Theophostic:           Facilitation Only

Time:       6:30 pm 

Day:         Mondays 

Date:        June 3rd thru August 

Place:      Tom and Cynthia Peterson's



Holy Fascination:   Facilitation Only


Time:        6:30 pm         

Day:          Wednesday

Date:        June 5th thru August

Place:       Marvin and Carmen Smith's



Retarting:                12 Week Class

Time:        6:30 - 8:30 pm           

Day:          Thursday

Date:         June 6th - August 29 (no class July 4th)

Place:        KCHC Center 

Cost:         1st sem student:   $50 class, $25 Book

                  2nd sem student:   $25 class  



Marriage Class 

Bethel Marriage Class 

Time:       7:00 - 8:30 pm            

Day:         Fridays

Date:        June 8th

Limit:         12 students (6 couples)   

Place:        Jimmy and Cynthia Chouteau's 

Address:     1617 NE Auburn Dr.

                 Lee's Summit, MO 64086.  


Focus:    This class is intended to inspire and equip married or pre-marital couples to persevere in challenging seasons, be renewed in vision, and make the radical heart decisions unto a healthy marriage.


Contact:     Cynthia Chouteau


                  [email protected]


Cost:           $50 per couple (one book provided)

                  $50 single    








Redemptive Gifts 

Speaker:     Pat Banks

Time:          Friday          6:30pm 

                  Saturday      9:00am- 9:00pm

Date:          May 24 & 25 

Place:         Not yet determined 

Cost:          $50 


Jerry and Becky Quinn
are moving to Taiwan in May! 

They have faithfully taught and shepherded many in the KCHC community in recent years, and together they birthed the Building Relationships for Life class. 
Jerry and Becky have been asked to come to Taiwan to help with the House of Prayer and strengthening the vision and effective growth of emotional restoration in Taiwan. It will be hard to see them go and they will be greatly missed! 

Sunny and Dustin Horstmann will also be moving to Taiwan soon. They will join the team working under the VIA Faith, Hope and Love Foundation strengthening the Seven Shekels House of Prayer and Emotional Restoration Ministry.   



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We are looking forward to a summer filled with healing encounters with God! May there be many testimonies of restoration and freedom from life's, wounds and traumas and the hidden lies that have kept God's children in bondage to fear and shame for so long.



Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
[email protected]
Kansas City Healing Community