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Word from Steve:

A heart full of appreciation is a heart full of Joy. This might sound like a cute little saying to some people.  I am telling you, it's a key to your strength in God. A thankful heart is a heart that can see through God's eyes. Practice the art of thanksgiving and appreciation every chance you can; if you do, you will see your life filled.
Thanksgiving, appreciation, and defeats discouragement and despair.

Community News

1. SOZO SEMINAR - Sozo means "saved, healed and delivered" - Sozo offers tools and practical steps to true freedom through the cross. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! See below for details!

2. KCHC Christmas Dinner

3. Jerry and Becky Quinn will be giving a Building Relationships for Life Seminar To the Taiwanese brothers 
on the  15th Dec and 22nd Dec  
from 9:00am - 5:00pm
P. S. 
Jerry and Becky Quinn are such a wonderful mother and father to the KCHC community. Thank you Jerry and Becky for you. 

December Schedule:

Sozo Seminar

Andy Reese from Nashville
Jim and Pat Banks from South Carolina  
Dates: Dec. 7th and 8th
Cost: $45  
Where: Life Christian Center
Address: 1650 E. Langsford Rd., Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Register Online: kansascityhealing.com or CLICK HERE
Note: Taking credit card payments without PayPal now!
Register by Phone & Questions:
Megan R. Handy
E - sozokchc@gmail.com
P - 913-484-2356

Christmas Shopping & Lunch

With: Our Taiwanese Brother and Sisters
and KCHC friends 
Where: On the Plaza 
Meeting Place: Higher Grounds 
When: 11:00am - 4:00pm 
Lunch: Eat lunch there 
Date: Dec. 16th 


Christmas Dinner

For:   KCHC   
         Taiwanese Community 
         IHOP Chinese community   
Date : Dec. 23rd 
Time: 3:00pm 
Dinner: Pot luck 
Where: Life Christian Center  
Address: Langsford Rd.,Lee's Summit, Mo.  

We will be helping in training 42 Taiwanese brothers and sisters in December. 
Any questions or if you want to volunteer call :
Steve Bartlett 816-509-2890

Community Posts

Anyone that can help us help Charlotte 
Those willing to help please let Spencer Peng know at:
E - speng@post.harvard.edu
P - (650) 492-3404
Needs: Ride to Doctors, stores ect.
Pick up items, say hi for a minute, pray with.
Money has been donated for gas if it is needed.

Fellowship Dinner Needs new house.
Starting January we need a new house for our Saturday night fellowship. It is on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Please contact Steve Bartlett if you are interested in helping us.
Prayer Requests

1. Please be in prayer for us to have the anointing to serve well and humbly this December to all our friends.
2. The Lords love to be poured out to us all, through one
3. Spirit of Unity.
4. Direction for school.
    We are getting direction to instruct in the area of
         1. How to walking in you healing and keep it.
         2. How to know the voice of the Lord.  

Be thankful for the little things in life. Let's be thanking the Lord for things like hot water, fingers, toes, each other, etc. As you practice thankfulness, joy will come to your heart, peace will fill you and hope will rise up within you.
Thanksgiving, and appreciation defeats
discouragement and despair



Steve Bartlett,
Tom Paterik
Kansas City Healing Community
Web Sight: kansascityhealing.com

Happy Thanksgiving!