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Ivan Barnett of Patina Gallery and Meg MacDonald of Travel Muse are joining forces to plan a tour for contemporary jewelry collectors and enthusiasts to visit studios, schools, museums, and private collections in different cities around the country to discover the exquisite world of art jewelry. Their inaugural tour will visit San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Houston, with amazing opportunities to go behind the scenes to see what really goes into making that piece that you love and cherish. AJF is hosting the San Francisco portion of the tour from April 18 - 21

If you've ever wanted to see AJF Chair Susan Cummins's private collection, AJF Marketing Chair Raïssa Bump's quirky live work-space, or the studio of emiko oye, the creator of the 2015 AJF pin, this is your chance. Many additional great collections, artist studios, and opportunities to see student work are also included on the tour. All you need to know -- dates, cost, itinerary, registration form and contact information -- can be found in this brochure or by contacting Meg MacDonald directly.

We hope you come visit us in San Francisco!


Je suis #hashtag


Kevin Murray


A look at recent events that used badges, in the physical and digital sense, to create awareness and solidarity among people. Kevin Murray writes about the power of hashtags to connect people, express outrage, and lend a helping hand, and wonders how the physical and digital can coexist in our modern world.





Wearable Zoo


Monika Auch


This is an exhibition to see! Beauty of the Beast 
is currently on view at Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, the Netherlands, curated by Eveline Holsappel. It explores the modern influence of taxidermy in contemporary jewelry and touches on the complexities involved when working with a once-living object on a currently living body. 


Tabea Reulecke

Galeria Thomas Cohn, São Paolo, 
Helen Drutt
Gifts from America
State Hermitage Museum, 
St. Petersburg, Russia
Jane Dodd
Rococo Revolution
Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, California, USA
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Leatherman's New Wearable Tech Can Repair Your Wearable Tech
Rene Chun
Dangerous Style: How Wearing the Wrong Jewelry Can Get You Locked Up
Donovan X. Ramsey
New York Times

Photo Essay: Talking With Their Hands


Daniëlle van Ark 

CODA Museum
CODA Museum Receives €255,000 - BankGiro Lottery

Press Release

Tarja Tuupanen: Marbles
Gothenburg, Sweden

Facèré Gallery

Outer Limits

Seattle, Washington, USA

Studio Fusion Gallery
Blue and Black
London, UK

The Gallery at Reinstein | Ross
Gaetano Pesce: For Her
New York, New York, USA

Galerie Pont & Plas

Karin Seufert: KGB Juwellen

Ghent, Belgium

Galerie Marzee

Winfried Krüger: Karambol 33+

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

These books make a great addition to any craft-conscious library!

<<< Damian Skinner's survey of different facets of the field, Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective, with contributions from many thinkers on the topic, is a great introduction to the wide world of contemporary jewelry.


>>> Benjamin Lignel's AJF Best of Interviews is a look behind the scenes into the private thoughts of makers, curators, and collectors.