Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

Is it Time to Join/Re-Up?


The Club depends on membership dues to keep the lights on and promote our candidates and issues to the community. A large number of community members depend on our Voters Guide to help them make an intelligent choice when marking their ballots so your membership renewal is critical to ensure those Guides get into those hands. At the risk of sounding like a Public Television pledge drive, if you depend on our endorsements, Voters Guide, newsletters, social media posts and programs, you should be a member!


If your membership has lapsed or if you know your membership is soon to expire, please re-up now. You might also consider upgrading your membership to a higher level.

2016 is shaping up to be a very important election year for us. Do we continue the progress we've made with marriage equality, transgender recognition and equality and defense of women's reproductive rights and economic equality, or do we allow the White House to fall to the enemies of liberty and equality as the leadership of Congress has already done. On the local level, our work is critical. We need to defend/expand our majority on the San Diego City Council and take back the City Attorney/Mayor offices and put them to work for the citizens of the City instead of the Republican status quo campaign contributors.


Because next year is so important, we're starting early - next month to be exactIn June, we will consider endorsements in the Presidential race, State Assembly District 78 and City Council Districts 3 and 9. If you want to take part in all of our endorsement process and have your voice heard, you must join/renew your membership by the end of this month. Your membership is important to us and we would like to count you amongst our fellow Club members committed to progressive government and LGBT equality. Please log on through the link below and renew you membership now.

Dems for Equality would like to welcome Katelyn Hailey as a new member of the Club. It's a pleasure to welcome back Brian Polejes who renewed at the Sustaining level. We'd also like to thank Ray Penko, and wecome him back for another year.

You can find out more about the Club's membership levels and benefits online  HERE. You can also join/renew with a credit card there. If you would prefer to use a check, send the check, made out to Democrats for Equality to:

San Diego Democrats for Equality

PO Box 33050

San Diego CA 92163


Note that in order to comply with Federal and State election laws, please include your full address and your job title/employer with your check. Telephone number and email address would be nice too!





Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast



Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast We have a couple seats left at the Dems for Equality table at Thursday's Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast. Because of the limited time and limited availability, if you're interested in joining us, please call  619-708-4436. The cost is $65 and it goes to a cause important to us all.


On Thursday, May 21st, we have an opportunity to honor Harvey Milk for all he did to advance the LGBT community in a way I think he would have liked - by coming together over a meal to raise funds so the San Diego LGBT Community Center can continue his work. The Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel at 7:30 AM on Thursday, May 21st. Over 1,000 people will be treated to an entertaining and inspiring program in addition to the most important meal of the day. 







May Dems for Equality Meeting 

We're looking for a Vice President for Political Action. Our current VP is stepping down to avoid the appearance of a conflict as Georgette pursues her campaign to become the next City Council member for District 9 and the Club begins its endorsement process for the 2016 election. If you are interested in taking over Georgette's unexpired term, please plan on standing for the office on May 28th. Although we are interested in promoting gender diversity in the Club's Board, the office is open to anyone who is a member of Democrats for Equality and has been a member in good standing for at least 90 days (since February 28th). If you have questions, would like more information, or just want to let us know you're interested in being elected, let us know HERE.

We'll also be talking about the "T" in "LGBT". Connor Maddocks, the Center's Project Trans Coordinator will be on hand to discuss recent advances in transgender equality as well as the challenges we still have to overcome. It's no longer enough to just use the correct pronouns when talking with - or about - another on the gender spectrum and the days of throwing the transgender community under the bus in a ill conceived attempt at lesbian/gay advancement are over. Come in and learn/teach how best to advance equality for all. 


The Club meeting will be held at Joyce Beers Uptown Community Center 3900 Vermont St in Hillcrest (Click here for Club calendar/map). Social begins at 6:30 PM, Meeting begins at 7.



June Endorsement Meeting




Yes, you heard that right. We're starting the 2016 Club endorsement process in June 2015.

At the local level, the 2016 elections are shaping up to be difficult. Even heavily contested Presidential races seldom stay hot through the California and it also appears no significant contest for US Senate will bring out Democratic voters for the June Primary. San Diego City/County both have a process that allows a candidate who receives 50%+1 vote in the Primary, regardless of how paltry the voter turnout is.


Dems for Equality will begin endorsing in races where we can make a difference - where Democrats, rather than Republicans, are the likely Primary election majority. If we deal with these races now, we can concentrate on the more competitive races when they need it most. Specifically we will be considering endorsements in the San Diego City 3rd and 9th Council Districts as well as the 78th Assembly District and Presidential race.


To be able to vote on endorsement for any of these races, members must be in good standing (i.e. membership paid) at least 25 days prior to the endorsement meeting. The exception to this rule is that members whose membership has expired within the last 65 days prior to the meeting may pay their dues (either at, or before, the endorsement meeting) and be eligible to vote on whether, and who, we endorse at the June meeting.


Having your voice heard regarding candidate endorsements is one of the primary privileges of membership in San Diego Democrats for Equality. If you're not at the table, you're on the menu. Join, rejoin or renew and make sure you make a difference in 2016. You can join/renew online HERE.





Ashish T. Agrawal & Bryan H. Wildenthal 
Assembly SpeakerToni Atkins 
Laurie Black 
Susan Guinn & Denice Feldhaus
Eric Isaacson & Susan Weaver 
Chris Kehoe & Julie Warren
John McConnell & James Kinney 
Don Mullen
Dr. Bob Pedrick & Josť Guzman 
Craig Roberts 
Stephanie J. Swift


Thank you for your continuing support of San Diego Democrats for Equality.

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San Diego Democrats for Equality 
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