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Tuesday, December 9, 2014   

Who Runs San Diego

[City Council]*?


Council Elects President on Wednesday



Is discouraging other Democratic Councilmembers from challenging Todd Gloria's reelection as Council President sexist if the challenger happens to be a woman? Has Gloria been too "go along to get along" in approaching some issues our community feels important?


Both of these questions have been bandied about in recent days. A better question though might be, Are Republican Councilmembers floating a challenge to Council President Gloria's reelection because they want a woman Council President, or, a less "get along" Council President?


The answer to this question is easy - No. Council President Gloria rocked the status-quo in a big way by shepherding through a minimum wage/paid sick-leave ordinance: Twice - it's initial passage and the override of the Mayor's veto. This upset the Lincoln Club and it's subordinates, the San Diego County Republican Party/Council Members.


Republican Councilmembers are threatening to vote as a block for another Democratic Councilmember to punish Todd Gloria's championing of the idea that workers should be paid a livable wage. If they succeed it will serve as a warning to any other Councilmember willing to buck the desires of the City's power elite. If it succeeds, the Democratic majority on the Council, which has already slipped from veto-proof to tenuous, will be effectively gone.


The council vote is tomorrow, Wednesday, December 10th at 1:45 PM in City Hall, 202 C Street, 12th Floor. Even if you can't attend the meeting you can still show how much grassroots support Todd has. Just follow the link below and sign the petition.


Support Council President Gloria 


It's our city and our future. We can't let them take it away from us.




* Not part of the "Who Runs San Diego" series which is a project of the San Diego Democratic Women's Club published in the San Diego Free Press 



Break Out the Ugly Holiday Sweater


Whether you celebrate a non-denominational winter solstice holiday, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Hanukkah, Saturnalia or something else, one of the common threads between them all is getting together with friends and family and sharing food and conversation.

The San Diego Democrats for Equality Holiday Party will take place on Sunday, December 21st from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.  The Party will be hosted this year by Eva and Daniel Posner. (Address provided upon RSVP). The Club will provide the liquid libations and we ask that everyone bring their favorite holiday food to share.


Please RSVP HERE. Let us know how many are coming and what you're bringing. And, Please be prepared to have a good time.




Is it Time to Re-Up?


The Club depends on membership dues to keep the lights on and promote our candidates and issues to the community. A large number of community members depend on our Voters Guide to help them make an intelligent choice when marking their ballots so your membership renewal is critical to ensure those Guides get into those hands. If your membership has lapsed or if you know you're membership is soon to expire, please re-up now. You might also consider upgrading your membership to a higher level.


You can find out more about the Club's membership levels and benefits online HERE. You can also renew with a credit card there.  If you would prefer to use a check, send the check, made out to Democrats for Equality to:


San Diego Democrats for Equality

PO Box 33050

San Diego CA 92163




Dems for Equality Turns 40 

Click on the image to RSVP



2015 is the 40th anniversary year for San Diego Democrats for Equality and we want to celebrate our birthday in a big way. If you would like to help with the party planning, please join us for our 40/Program Committee meeting on Wednesday, December 10th - 6 PM. The meeting will be held at the SD Pride offices - 3620 30th St. - (between Dwight and Landis) in North Park (note: this is not the LGBT Center).


We want to make sure that next year's events reach and activate our entire community and we need your help to get there.  



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John McConnell & James Kinney 
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Thank you for your continuing support of San Diego Democrats for Equality.

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