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Tuesday, September 9, 2014   

It Was A Very Good Week for Carol Kim and Scott Peters


 Now is the Time to Help Them Have More Good Weeks 



Last week, Carol Kim laid out a plan to deal with a real and present issue facing the City - the issue of police retention and recruitment.


"We can't ignore the market, "said Kim.  "How can we expect to retain our officers when they can go to other law enforcement agencies in the area and get considerably better compensation packages?"


would utilize 1/3 of the budget surplus identified by Mayor Falconer to provide a 5% raise in salaries per year in each of the next 4 years - all without a tax increase or cut-backs to other City services. MORE... 


In order for Carol to implement her critical plan we need to get her elected to the Sixth Council District seat on the City Council.  You can help by checking out her Call/Walk schedule HERE.  She also needs money to get the word out.  The Club is a co-host of the LGBT Sunday Brunch Fundraiser for Carol Kim on Sunday, September 28th.  It will be from 11AM - 1PM at the beautiful home of Susan Guinn and Denice Feldhaus.  You can RSVP for this event HERE.




And, What a week for Scott Peters.  Following endorsements from non-partisan Human Rights Campaign and Equality California (and the non-endorsement of his opponent by Victory Fund which specializes in funding openly LGBT candidates), the usually Republican-partisan U.S. Chamber of Commerce comes out with an endorsement of Democrat Scott Peters.

A chamber spokeswoman said the organization had endorsed more than 260 candidates in the upcoming elections, only four of whom are Democrats.

Scott's opponent, or as we prefer to refer to him, he who shall not be named, tried to downplay the endorsement only to have Rob Engstrom, the Chamber's National Political Director, Tweet  "[he who shall not be named] left to rely on his own consultants to pretend he's pro biz.  Sad.  Fact is he sought our endorse & failed.  No one weighed in."  Perhaps fearing that the Tweet wasn't clear enough, Engstrom followed with "[he] campaign pretending to be pro business, and yet loses Chamber endorsement.  Not a single company weighed in for him."  And, yet again, "[he] campaign imploding.  Fact: they sought our endorsement for over a year, overwhelmingly rejected.  Stop the hypocrisy.  Now."  MORE... 


Scott's opponent has a long pattern of losing friends and influencing people against him, but he can't do it alone.  You can get involved by calling (858)571-7424 or emailing






AIDS Walk San Diego


Join the Dems for Equality Team  



San Diego Democrats for Equality will once again be walking to raise awareness - And FUNDS - to combat AIDS.  The walk is on a Saturday this year.  Specifically, Saturday, September 27th. AIDs may have changed from the days when we lost many members, leaders and friends to the disease, but it hasn't gone away.  Join us in walking to see that it does go away.

You can join the Dems for Equality walking team by clicking HERE.  Click "Join an Existing Team" and enter San Diego Democrats for Equality at the Team Name prompt.  Enter your personal information and start raising money for this good cause.

If you can't walk yourself, you can still support the team by donating to the team members who are walking.  To donate to AIDS Walk San Diego on behalf of the Dems for Equality team, click HERE.




Freedom Awards is Coming 

Freedom Awards 

The Freedom Awards is San Diego Democrats for Equality's premier event to recognize the contributions of our members, others in the LGBT community and our allies.  It's also our largest fundraising event during the year. We're getting down to the business of planning our next Awards and need your help. If you can help make sure the next Freedom Awards is a success, please drop us a line HERE. We'd love to have your expertise, desire to get involved or just your elbow grease. We'd love to have you.




Club Elects New Board Member - Seeks One More




At our August meeting, the Club elected Lilian Arreguin to our Board of Directors.  Lilian lives in Oceanside and provides some much needed North Co. perspective to our Club's leadership.  She also brings energy and a willingness to step in and get the stuff done that needs to be done. We hope you will congratulate her on her new office.


According to our By-laws, there is still one more vacancy on the Board.  We'd love to have you on the team as we move into the Club's 40th anniversary year.


If you are interested in election to the Board, contact us HERE.




San Diego Democrats for Equality is about to turn the big 4-0


We're beginning to plan the year long party next year and we'd like you to help.  The Club was founded in 1975, which makes next year our 40th year and we would like to make it a BIG one. If you would like to be part of the 40 Committee, send us an email HERE.








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Thank you for your continuing support of San Diego Democrats for Equality.

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