San Diego Democrats for Equality

             April 17, 2014

San Diego Democrats for Equality By-laws Amendments Proposed for Vote at April 24th Meeting

Proposed Amendments (verbiage to be removed indicated below with strike-through, new verbiage in italics)

Article VII - Executive Board

Section 2. The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President or upon call of a majority of the Executive Board. Meetings require five days notice, which may be waived in the case of an emergency by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board.

A. Emergency actions or funding to a maximum of $200.00 may be authorized upon agreement of any four of the six a two-thirds majority of the elected officers. A "good faith" effort shall be made to poll all six Executive Board members. If necessary, the elected officers may be polled by telephone or by e-mail. Any action taken by this method shall be communicated to the other Executive Board members in a timely manner.

 Section 3. The quorum for meetings of the Executive Board shall be one-third one-half of the voting members of the board. Proxies shall not be valid at meetings of the Executive Board. No one member of the Executive Board shall have more than one vote, even if qualified by more than one criterion.

 Reason for Proposed Change

Section 2. subsection A.  When by-laws were updated in October 2013, the Executive Board was limited to consist of only the five Club officers.  Section 2A however referred to six, rather than five members.  The Board recommends this change to correct the discrepancy.

Section 3.  With the reduction in the number of members of the Executive Board to five, the quorum requirement of only 1/3 of the Board's members means that actions of the Board could be enacted with as few as two members.  The Board recommends that the Executive Board quorum requirement be increased to 1/2 of all members rather than the current 1/3.


I hope to see everyone at the Club's general meeting next Thursday, April 24th when we will be voting on these proposed amendments.  Time, location and further details on the meeting can be found at:




David Warmoth, President
San Diego Democrats for Equality