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Tuesday, February 14, 2014   




In Appreciation   


The San Diego Democrats for Equality wishes to join our progressive allies in thanking everyone who contributed in some small way to the campaign to elect our endorsed candidate for Mayor of San Diego, David Alvarez. It has been a difficult year for progressives; the challenges we faced were unprecedented. But those challenges did not stop us from organizing one of the most powerful on the ground campaigns we have ever seen during a special election in San Diego.Special elections have always been tough for San Diego Democrats but we stepped up because we had a candidate, in David Alvarez, who gave voice to the platform that the San Diego Democrats for Equality have defended for decades.


We joined forces in this campaign with our allies in labor and with numerous other allied community organizations, and were energized by the work we did together. Our own Christopher Ward organized the Mid-City campaign walks for David, and our own Toni Atkins provide intelligent and passionate leadership throughout this campaign. Our Interim Mayor, Todd Gloria, set out a progressive agenda, pulled this city together and worked diligently to elect David Alvarez. We have a right, no matter the outcome of the balloting, to be proud.


This campaign resonated well beyond the boundaries of our city. The endorsement by President Obama, who in March of 2012 took a courageous stand in defense of the rights of the LGBT community, made clear that we were not simply engaged in a political battle with local Republican leaders.  From here we move forward, we learn the lessons we need to succeed in the next election, and armed with that knowledge we work to win our next campaign.


Carla Kirkwood, Ph.D.

Vice President for Political Action

San Diego Democrats for Equality 



     Carol Kim for City Council


Join Us for the

Campaign Kick-Off for  

Our Endorsed Candidate, Carol Kim

San Diego City Council, District 6 


Saturday, February 15 at 1:00 p.m. 
at the North Clairemont Recreation Center 
4421 Bannock Street, San Diego 92117

Precinct Analysis for the Mayoral Election

How did your neighborhood vote in the mayoral election? Check out the link below to see how the candidates fared in various parts of the city.  Red indicates areas won by Kevin Faulconer and blue indicates areas won by David Alvarez.



Dr. Ashish T. Agrawal & Bryan H. Wildenthal 
Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins 
Laurie Black 
Eric Isaacson & Susan Weaver 
Chris Kehoe & Julie Warren
John McConnell & James Kinney 
Don Mullen & John Logan 
Dr. Bob Pedrick & Josť Guzman 
Craig Roberts 
Stephanie J. Swift


Thank you for your continuing support of San Diego Democrats for Equality.

Doug Case Signature
Doug Case, President 
San Diego Democrats for Equality 
Defending LGBT Equality since 1975