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Flotronic's H Series 3 A Pump

3-A Sanitary Standards' symbol of assurance 

Sanitary design integrity you can trust



When hygiene is the priority ...

... then there's no better pump than the Flotronic Pump 'H' series.

Designed to meet stringent 3-A Sanitary Standards, the 'H' series offers tremendous benefits for the

food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries and any environment or process where maintaining product

integrity is paramount.


High quality materials throughout

3-A Sanitary Standards require that all materials are acceptable for product and non-product contact.

They also ensure that performance criteria critical to accepted methods of cleaning are met.

This means that 'H' series parts and raw materials are of the highest quality with their provenance duly

certified. Product contact areas are either PTFE or 316L Stainless Steel, with stainless product contact

areas polished to 32μin Ra or better. Cleanability is further enhanced by the 'H' series electro-polished

overall finish.




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Pump Detective


The case of the unreliable boiler feed water pump.


We were visiting an electric generating utility company on a matter, and were told of a pump issue they have experienced over several years.


The site is a 445 MW fossil steam power plant. This occurred 15 years ago, but the lesson is still valid.


The plant uses two 50% steam turbine driven boiler feed water pumps. Very high horse power pumps such as used here have a very high minimum flow requirement.

When the plant is operating at low loads or no load conditions, such as weekends or holidays, they only run one pump. But, the minimum flow for the pump is much higher than that required by the boiler. This means they are burning up a lot of energy to run the pump on a higher than needed minimum flow.




Technical Presentations

"Our own Doug Kriebel was an instructor at the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers sponsored "Boot Camp" earlier this month.  This three day event, held in King of Prussia, was attended by over 130 professional engineers who obtained necessary technical training in order to renew their professional licenses. 


Doug gave four, one hour lectures covering centrifugal pumps, pump system design, sump pump design, and introduction to Air Pollution Control.


He is available to provide technical training on a variety of subjects including pumps, Air Pollution Control, Heat Transfer, Water Treatment, and other topics.


Contact our office to discuss your requirements.

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What Is Pump Minimum Flow
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What Is Pump Specific Speed
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