February 2016
AV decisions can dictate table design

WallGoldfinger design engineer Chris Howe turns architects' visions into SolidWorks drawings, or working drawings, used to build projects. As such, he knows what it takes to create a workable design. In this Expert's Corner he explains why early AV decisions matter.

This photo from a past WallGoldfinger project shows the amount of wires that AV installers must fit into a narrow table base.

"Despite WallGoldfinger being a custom furniture manufacturer of the highest order, more often than not, it is the technology requirements that drive how we bring our clients' visions to fruition. Many are the times that submittals have been put on hold pending AV decisions. These decisions are vital as quite often our furniture needs to be designed from the inside out to accommodate AV hardware.
When it comes to furniture design, it seems every year tops get a little thinner, bases get a little smaller, and overhangs get a little longer. Computers and consumer electronic devices are also constantly shrinking in size, but it seems like the space required for connectivity has remained constant.  Wherever a power or USB outlet is located, wires and backing boxes are still required, and all local and state codes must be adhered to. Monitors and touch screen controllers are a challenge as well. Mounting, wiring and ventilation all have to be accounted for. 

Every day we at WallGoldfinger work with exotic veneers and beautiful hardwoods, but it is the simple choice of a certain microphone or fixture box that really makes the difference between ease of design and efficient construction, or multiple submittals and more costly construction. To help clients avoid these hurdles, we emphasize the importance of making AV decisions up front as audio/visual equipment and connectivity will have a great impact on the final design of your furniture."
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