Jack Hunter and Linsey Zalecki of the Hunter Zalecki Group, our representatives in South and North Carolina, recently visited us in Vermont for a firsthand look at the factory and our products. Need to talk to a WallGoldfinger rep? They're located through the country. Get connected

A stone reconfigurable table?
Yes. It's called the Summit.

Summits made of stone, veneer and metal will soon be under construction in our factory. They are an example of Summit's unique high quality and diverse materials, including stone tabletops.

Or perhaps you prefer glass ...

These Summits recently shipped to a Washington, D.C., law firm. They feature glass and WallGoldfinger's Comfort Edge.

Contract furniture veteran joins WallGoldfinger sales team

Bringing decades of experience in particularly the New York market, Gerry Gatch has enthusiastically joined WallGoldfinger as its newest vice president of sales.

WallGoldfinger diverting waste 

WallGoldfinger is diverting wood products waste to smaller companies and non-profits. Last year, the program kept more than 16,500 pounds of waste out of the landfill and led to the creation of some remarkable products.

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A message from the CEO

First LOOK provided us an opportunity to update our showroom and show our latest products.

Visit Vermont

Vermont's specialty foods are as diverse as its people. Here's a glimpse at some that caught our eye.