October, 2013
Volume 1, Issue III

Milwaukee House of Corrections first correctional facility in the State of Wisconsin to partner with the CCEF!



Former Warden and CCEF founder, Percy Pitzer toured the Milwaukee House of Corrections (HOC) with Assistant Superintendent Jose Hernandez. The HOC houses 1500 male and female inmates from Milwaukee County.   After the tour, HOC Superintendent Mike Hafeman invited Percy to attend the HOC Community Relations Board meeting later that evening. The Community Relations Board serves as an advisory body to the Superintendent and is made up of various representatives from community agencies that have an interest in HOC operations.   Percy was provided a spot on the agenda to discuss CCEF and ways HOC could partner with the Foundation. Superintendent Hafeman and the Community Relations Board were extremely impressed with the Foundation and they agreed to join CCEF in implementing a formal inmate donation program. Thanks to Superintendent Hafeman, the HOC becomes the first correctional facility in the State of Wisconsin to partner with the CCEF!



Welcome Dr. Stan Stojkovic, Dean & Professor of Criminal Justice in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare , University to serve as a member of the CCEF Board of Directors!


Dr. Stojkovic is well known, both nationally and internationally for his work in social welfare, crime and corrections. Dr. Stojkovic is highly respected and considered by many to be an expert in the criminal justice field. Following his meeting with CCEF founder, Percy Pitzer, Dr. Stojkovic accepted Percy's invitation to join the CCEF cause and serve as a member of the CCEF Board of Directors. 


Welcome Dr. Stojkovic!!


LULAC Resolution Supporting the Work of Creative Corrections Education Foundation LULAC
Approved June 2013, CCEF gained the support of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) stating "that we support and endorse the excellent work the Creative Corrections Education Foundation has undertaken to provide scholarships to children of the incarcerated to give this disadvantaged group the opportunity to choose education over incarceration and stop second generation crime and ensure a better tomorrow for these students and communities."

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Former Warden Starts Scholarship Fund For Children Of Incarcerated Parents WPRN
The former warden of the Oxford Federal Prison in Wisconsin, Percy Pitzer, has launched a national college scholarship program for children of prison inmates.

He says educating these children can help stop them from following in their parents' footsteps.


Hear the interview and read more by clicking the link below!

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Percy was invited to make a presentation on the CCEF at the NAAWS business meeting at ACA. This was an excellent opportunity to spread the word and recruit new support for the Foundation. NAAWS passed a resolution stating "...that we support and endorse the excellent work the Creative Corrections Education Foundation has undertaken to provide scholarships to children of the incarcerated to this disadvantaged group the opportunity to chose education over incarceration and stop second generation crime and assure a better tomorrow for these students and our communities." We are very honored and appreciative of this resolution and thank the membership of NAAWS for their support.
The CCEF welcomes new board member, Wayne Scott!
Mr. Scott accepted this appointment from Board President Pitzer while attending the ACA conference in Maryland. Mr. Scott has over 40 years of professional experience in corrections of which 30 years were with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and the Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles. Mr. Scott served 6 years as the executive director of the TDCJ. We look forward to working with Wayne Scott and know he will give the CCEF excellent guidance!
143rd ANNUAL ACA, August 2013
Percy Pitzer, Marsha Pitzer and Rene Greenwald attended the 143rd ACA last week in Maryland. The CCEF also had a booth in the exhibit hall and the team met many professionals who were interested in working with us to encourage inmates to participate in the program by donating at least the cost of a candy bar each month to the scholarship program. Strong interest was expressed by New York, Ohio and North Carolina. Percy was invited to speak on the CCEF at a couple state conferences over the next several months. We are confident the new contacts made at ACA will generate more support for the CCEF.

The team was able to follow up with NAAWS membership at the hospitality suite each evening where there were excellent discussions on the merits of the CCEF.

  Arkansas Dept of Corrections

Arkansas Department of Corrections is on Board!

The CCEF Team had a meeting this past June in Pine Bluff with Arkansas Department of Corrections Director Ray Hobbs and his senior staff to discuss the Foundation and the scholarship program. Director Hobbs advised Percy earlier this week at the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice meeting that the CCEF program will be welcome in the Arkansas system. We are very excited to begin involving Arkansas inmates with the program and are confident they are also eager to begin promoting the program with their children and taking on a parenting responsibility by contributing to the scholarship fund. Welcome Arkansas Department of Corrections!

greyscale-graduates.jpg Creative Corrections Education Foundation Awards 31 Scholarships 


Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) is pleased to announce 31 scholarships have been awarded to children with an incarcerated or paroled parent. This achievement is a milestone for which we are very proud since the Foundation has been operating for less than a year! We are confident our 2013 goal of at least 40 scholarships will be met.


The CCEF scholars come from 17 different States and are or will be attending 27 post-secondary educational institutions located across the United States. We are appreciative of the incarcerated parents who informed their children of the scholarship opportunities and all those who wrote letters of recommendations for the scholars. We must also recognize the donors who have supported the scholarships.


Based on the excellent response we have had thus far we see the demand for scholarships will continue to increase and this places a greater responsibility on the CCEF to generate additional funding to meet the need. We are optimistic the inmate population will be an important donor to the scholarship program.


We wish our scholarship recipients success with their education goals and we congratulate them on being selected for the CCEF scholarship!  


If you would like to make a donation to the CCEF Scholarship fund, please visit our website: www.creativecorrectionseducationfoundation.org

2013 CCEF Letter Campaign
Creative Corrections Education Foundation has recently began a letter campaign to reach out to individuals in the Southeast Texas region.  We have developed a mailing list based on research compiled from the internet.  The list is comprised of individuals we consider community leaders such as attorneys and judges, medical professionals, realtors, energy sector, financial institutions, educational & religious institutions.  The response has been significant; August reflected the highest number of donations since the introduction of the foundation in July, 2012.  We are so appreciative of the support from our local community leaders, and look forward to their continued support!


L'Aburge Casino, Lake Charles, LA

Geo Group-John Hurley, Boca Raton FL

N. Central Correctional Facility, IA

Oshkosh Area Community, WI

Correctional Concepts, LLC, Ashland KY

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) of Tennessee

North American Association of Wardens & Superintendents (NAAWS), Dublin OH

Nakamoto Group, Jefferson MD

Jefferson County Correctional Center, Jefferson County MO

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