June 2014 
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Freedom Bank and Simone's: A Recipe for Success

Young Professionals Group Kicks Off in Northern RI

Commercial Lending Keeps This Banker's Interest
Seminar Delivers Prescription for

David Caruso, a vice president at Freedom National Bank, recently coordinated a special seminar on keeping patients' records safe from cyber and paper security breaches for medical and dental personnel. Spurred by the mandated use of electronic medical record-keeping by the Affordable Care Act, the seminar featured: Erin Walker, an attorney at the Department of Health and Human Services of Massachusetts; Linn Freedman, an attorney from Nixon Peabody; Stephen Hickey, President of Hickey Associates Insurance; and, Jay Lawrence, Systems Architect, at MSDI.

For information on future seminars, contact David Caruso.
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Freedom Bank and Simone's Restaurant: A Recipe for Success

Joe Simone, Owner of Simone's Restaurant
Chef Joe Simone serves up a world of culinary creations in his new restaurant, Simone's, in Warren, RI.  Through his travels to France, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Turkey, he has acquired a taste for international fare and has polished his cuisine as a chef at several prestigious restaurants in the Northeast.  He has also owned many restaurants, worked as a private chef, and even made an appearance on the PBS series The Chefs of Cucina Amore.

Before opening Simone's, Chef Joe knew he needed a bank that would meet his high standards and provide the necessary banking products for his restaurant.  After speaking with several large banks and opting out, he found success with Freedom National Bank.

"I am fully aware that restaurants are not the easiest entities to finance, but I was disappointed with the feedback I received from the larger banks," said Simone.  "I realized we would need a smaller bank that was willing to take their time with us.  Tony (Botelho), Maria (Caetano), and Laura (Stack) were enthusiastic about helping me, and I am proud to say that Freedom was the only bank we decided to apply to for our financing."

"Working with Freedom has been a great experience," he added.  "It was clear from the beginning that they were genuinely interested in getting to know me and my business and have remained committed to our success ever since."

Visit Simone's Restaurant at 275 Child Street, Warren, RI: http://www.simonesri.com.

Young Professionals Group
Kicks Off in Northern RI

A large gathering of young professionals (YPs) recently rocked The Last Resort in Smithfield, RI, with the launch of YPNorth, a new networking group for professionals ages 21 to 40.   Created by The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, YPNorth is one of the first of its kind in the area.

Marissa Zangrilli, a Community Banker at Freedom National Bank and member of YPNorth, said the kick-off event was a first-rate success and YPs from a wide range of business sectors were there.

"About 50 people from the travel, entertainment, high-tech, banking, and academic industries attended," she said. "It was great to see everyone making connections in a fun and relaxed way."

YPNorth events are specially designed for YPs, especially since other networking events can be intimidating for young newcomers.

 "When you're just coming into the professional world it can be overwhelming to network," added Zangrilli.  "YPNorth is a great outlet for young people to meet other professionals at their level."

The evening's speaker, Nick Garrison, President and Founder of Foolproof Brewing Company in Pawtucket, spoke about his success as a new entrepreneur.  Garrison's career began with his passion for home brewing and was eventually determined to open his own brewery.  In 2010 he achieved his goal and now has two employees and six commercially available brews.

YPNorth's next networking event will be held in September.  For more information, contact The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce at (401) 334-1000 or info@NRIChamber.com.

Commercial Lending Keeps This Banker's Interest
John Cardillo,
Vice President

John Cardillo, a new Vice President at Freedom National Bank, has come full circle in his banking career, and he couldn't be happier.

"I'm glad to be working one-on-one with clients in commercial lending again," he said. "Freedom Bank's personalized experience brings me back to the reason I got started in the lending business in the first place."

Cardillo began his career at Fleet Bank in 1971 and worked in a variety of roles.  He progressed from check-processing clerk to teller, supervisor, assistant manager, branch manager, to commercial lending officer.

"At Fleet I was handling financing requests start to finish - developing the lending package, getting it approved, closed and on the books, then managing it.  It was very similar to how I work with customers at Freedom Bank now," he said.


After his 20 years with Fleet, Cardillo worked on the credit union crisis in collections, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and litigation.  In 1998 he moved to Citizens Bank where he worked in a lending capacity and on portfolio management.

At the larger banks, lenders played a small role in the loan process as many components were increasingly handled by other departments.

"The difference at Freedom National Bank is the process of getting to know the customer before assessing their business needs, creating a loan package, and managing it for the client," he said. "Now, having the opportunity to be one-on-one with customers and a part of the decision-making process, my enthusiasm for lending has been renewed."

"I'm thrilled to be at Freedom Bank because it's a place where I can help people achieve their financial dreams," he added.       
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