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Dear Friends,


We are excited to wrap up 2013 with some success stories from members of the Freedom National Bank family. Thank you for another wonderful year!


2014 is just around the corner and we look forward to meeting your banking needs and helping you achieve your goals. 


From all of us at Freedom National Bank, best wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy new year!






Anthony Botelho

President and CEO, Freedom National Bank


Beauty and the Bank

When spa owner Alayne White needed a Small Business Association loan to purchase a new building for her Bristol location, she looked for a bank that matched her definition of beauty. 


"I believe beauty comes from within," she said. "I wanted a bank that treated people with the same kindness, respect and 

sincerity that my team brings to our customers."


"Freedom National Bank made me feel relaxed and special, and that's exactly how we treat our clients," Alayne said. "From the moment I met bank President & CEO, Anthony Botelho, it was a joyful experience and I knew right away that this was the bank for me."


But White also wanted a bank with brain-power, strong enough to match her own business savvy. And it had to be supportive of women entrepreneurs.


The Alayne White Spa "I was impressed when Tony said he wanted to work with women-owned businesses and he was hiring more women at the bank," White said.  


"Plus, it was fantastic working with Assistant Vice President Maria Caetano because she used her expertise to help push my goals forward," she added.


Indeed, White has been named a 2014 Entrepreneurial Woman to Watch by the Rhode Island Small Business Journal (RISBJ). Out of almost 400 nominees, RISBJ awarded 7 winners who were chosen on the basis of character, mission, career path, growth, and their dedication to promoting women entrepreneurship in Rhode Island.


"I'm excited that the bank is supporting women entrepreneurs like me around the state," White said. "They're a small bank with a big vision."

Ssh! Operation Impact in Progress

David Caruso, Vice President and Director of Business Development

Helping the Cumberland community is the secret mission of David Caruso, a vice president and director of business development at Freedom National Bank. After donating funds to a 9/11 charity that he discovered never went to the victims' families, Caruso became determined to make a difference locally, but anonymously.


"I decided right then to do something in Cumberland that would really make a difference - something more than putting money in an envelope," he said.


Working with his wife, who is a teacher, Caruso founded Operation Impact, which targets students' needs at a local inner-city school and takes care of them anonymously.


"We've filled oil tanks and turned electricity back on. We've bought gift certificates to Stop & Shop and children's clothes," he said. "We also have a program set up with a local optometrist so that needy kids can get glasses."


Caruso said that Operation Impact is a short-term solution to help needy families, who then are directed to social services. He also makes sure that 100 percent of the donated funds go to the families in need.


"It's great that we can make a difference for families in Cumberland," he said.


For more information on how to donate, please email David at or call (401) 256-2502.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name


The tellers at Freedom National Bank are a special crew. Not only do they greet their customers by name with smiles and conversation, they deliver top-notch personal and business banking services.


"We know our customers by their first names," said Rosanna Spinella, head teller at Freedom National Bank's Greenville branch. "We've known many of them for years."


"It's like a family and they trust us with their banking needs," she added.


Because the tellers know their customers well, Freedom National Bank is able to deliver a high level of services.


"When a regular customer walks into the branch, our tellers know who they are. They talk to them personally and they're able to handle their banking needs from an individual standpoint," said Andrea White, a vice president at Freedom National Bank .


"If I have questions about a customer, I ask the tellers before I talk with one of my managers. Our tellers are indispensable because they're friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable - they create the bank's personal relationship with our customers," she added.


Many Freedom National Bank  tellers have been with the bank since the beginning, which is unusual in an industry with high turnover.


"We've celebrated births, graduations, weddings and anniversaries with our customers. It's always a pleasure when families bring their new babies to the bank - we all crowd around to take pictures," said Spinella. "Also, dogs love us because we hand out biscuits at the drive-through window."


"Our customers are number one with us!" she added with a smile.  

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