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Time: A Valuable Commodity

Our People: Bill Beauchene

Freedom Helping
San Miguel School
Reach its Mission

Freedom National Bank looks for opportunities to reach out and serve the larger community. One example is our collaboration with the San Miguel School of Providence. De La Salle Christian Brother Lawrence Goyette, FSC, started the school in 1993. Most of the school's students are from the capitol city and households near the poverty level.

Last year, Freedom's President Anthony Botelho visited San Miguel. Soon after, the bank held a drive to benefit the school's food pantry, putting up posters in its branches to collect canned goods. Freedom also supported other events, fostering a relationship that continues to grow.

"We know small businesses share our mission to serve in our own neighborhoods, taking pride in our communities and making them a better place to live," said Amy Kalina, San Miguel's coordinator of community relations. "We also know the boys we serve today are the workforce of tomorrow and the future leaders of our communities."

Kalina said it is through partnerships like the one with Freedom that allows the school to better serve its students and its mission.
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Dear Friends,   

Today is an exciting day as we launch The Freedom Focus.  This newsletter will bring you some great insights into Freedom National Bank and the people and customers who are part of our family.  We take great pride in listening to our customers and working with them to achieve their goals.  We look forward to telling you our shared stories of success. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read them. 


Anthony Botelho

President and CEO, Freedom National Bank

Small Business Lending:

Freedom National Bank's Best Asset

Freedom National Bank recognizes and embraces the idea that Rhode Island is a small business state.  In fact, Freedom was founded to serve those small businesses that were not being serviced because they simply do not fit into the corporate model at the bigger banks.  Freedom's Small Business Lending Department was formed specifically to assist small businesses with their financing needs.
Denise DiDonato 
"I look forward to partnering with small businesses to provide working solutions to meet their financing needs," said Denise M. DiDonato, vice president, credit manager, small business lending at Freedom.  "At Freedom, we have a common-sense lending philosophy and best-of-class products."

"Small businesses here in the Ocean State are looking for access to capital. They are also looking to refinance debt. And they are looking for a banker who will be there for them, not only in good times, but also when the economy is struggling," DiDonato added.  

"Small business owners also want easy access to their bankers. They want to be able to get in their car and go and talk to someone. Freedom offers that kind of personal service. And the small business client is Freedom Bank's bread and butter," she continued. 

To learn more about small business lending, please click here.  
Time: A Valuable Commodity
Anthony Botelho and Kenneth Dulgarian

Kenneth Dulgarian places great value on time. 35 years ago he started a real estate company called Dulgarian Properties.  Today, the companies assets include offices, commercial properties, retail stores, residential acquisitions, and developments from Providence to the West Coast. It is a business that keeps him busy. It is a business that has taught him to value his time.

"As we gain new business and our company grows, we don't always measure the commodity of our own time," said Dulgarian. "And that time is very valuable."

In finding suitable business partners, Dulgarian looks for people who, like him, value that same commodity.

"Our goal is to surround ourselves with people who are like us - people who can execute effectively and quickly," he said.

Dulgarian says he has found those people at Freedom.

"Leadership comes from the top and Anthony Botelho leads by example," said Dulgarian. "We have done several million dollars of loans with the bank. Where else do you get the president that drives down to my office to sign documents?"

In Freedom, Dulgarian sees a business that operates the way he runs his own business. And in its president, he sees a trusted business partner.

"I've known Anthony Botelho for over 25 years," said Dulgarian. "He is old school. I am old school. That's why we get along."
Our People: Bill Beauchene, Making Business Lending More Comfortable
Bill Beauchene remembers walking into a bank when he was 16, in search of a car loan. It was an awkward, uncomfortable experience. And it's a feeling that has stayed with him for years.

Bill Beauchene
"That experience left a lasting impression," he said. "It's uncomfortable for some business owners to admit they need to borrow money.  At Freedom, we always try to make them feel wanted."   

Beauchene had been in the commercial lending business for more than two decades when he arrived at Freedom in the fall of 2002. His experience had been in a larger, corporate model of banking. He enjoyed those years, but at Freedom he has found fulfillment and a connection to customers he never quite experienced at the larger banks. A senior vice president and commercial loan officer, Beauchene said that working in a small business environment makes it that much easier to serve his small business clients.

Freedom was six-months old and producing about $300,000 in loans when Beauchene arrived. He has seen that portfolio expand to some $63 million in loans - and growing. Beauchene is responsible for all commercial lending functions.

"The people who own and operate their own businesses are incredibly passionate about what they do," he said. "I enjoy meeting with prospects and customers at their place of business. I ask them an open ended question about some aspect of their business and before I leave they will have explained, with great pride, every aspect of their operation."          
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