VooDoo and RAPE!   -  REVISITED!

Nov 26, 2015

Dear NR Supporter,  
I wish to give a HUGE thanks for your support this past year by giving you a "Happy Thanksgiving" follow up report on a tragic story!
As many of you may recall, I reported in June this year, while conducting In-Home Health and Living Assessments in Siaya, Kenya, how we found a young girl who'd been raped and had her genitals mutilated through a VooDoo ritual by her uncle and aunt.  (READ ORIGINAL STORY)

At the time when we found her, she was despondent, not attending school and would not speak with us.  Our organization immediately responded by providing medical and mental health assistance for her.  Many of you responded with us by assisting with funds to support this unfortunate child.

I am so HAPPY to report to you that upon our return to her this September, we found her fully RESTORED!

For the sake of protecting this beautiful young girl's innocence, I'm going to call her "Julie" in this article.  

When we arrived at Julie's home this past September, I could see her sitting in a chair just inside the doorway of her home.  As she recognized our vehicle, she immediately jumped up and began running from the house to where we had stopped.  By the time we opened the doors to our vehicle, Julie had arrived to greet us with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen on a young girl's face!  She was elated to see us!

She immediately grabbed my hand and walked me back to the house were her and her mother formally greeted us.  As we visited that day, she told me how she had gone back to school and was now receiving better grades than before!  She told us about how she was interacting with her friends again and about some of the things her and her young girl friends do together!  We laughed... we cried a little... and we prayed for her continued health, safety and education.

She told us that she was not afraid any more and that her uncle and aunt were afraid to come around the home, because they knew we were attending to her and would be coming back to check in on her.  She's a brave young girl...

We left that day with hugs... smiles... gifts of school supplies... food... and the promise of our return!

I want to thank you for being Christ to Julie in her hour of need!  Thank you for supporting NR's work and thank you for loving this young girl and others just like her with your gifts...

May the Lord continue to richly bless you this holiday season!

If you'd wish to continue to support Julie and children like her, well...just CLICK below...  And, thank you in advance for your support!


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Rob Bollinger
Founder and President


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