JUNE 11, 2014

Dear NR Supporter,  


I was pleased to honor the Guildner Family yesterday for their support of the second "Build A Home" project that was completed in August of 2013.  Additionally, I am elated to announce that this family will support "Build A Home Project #3" in September of this year!


"Build A Home" projects are designed to assist AIDS Orphaned children and their extended families by building a home they can all live together in.  Additionally, the project replaces homes that are un-repairable and in dire need of replacement.


The Guildner Family is the second sponsor to "Build A Home" for Jared Orida Beombo and his Step-Mother Jenipher Achola.  Jared lived in his deceased grandfather's house with a five foot tall predator anthill just six feet away from where he slept.   Click Here To See Video!   


Jerry Guildner was honored with a placard picture of Jared and his extended family.  This family has made a complete turnaround and all have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!  Jared is active in his church youth group and his Step-Mother Jenipher leads worship at their church!


The inscription on the back of the placard reads as follows:


This home was dedicated to Jared Orida and his extended family of Jenipher Achola (step-mother) and Paul Achola (step-brother) on the first day of August, in the year of our Lord and Savior, Two Thousand and Thirteen.


The sponsoring family of Jerry, Kathy and Nikki Guildner has extend their deepest most heartfelt love for this family by providing the funds to build them a new home.


Jared's caregiver, Jenipher Achola, wishes to thank your family for what you have done. She says, "I had no hope of living or the hope of keeping my children after discovering I was HIV positive. I saw nothing but darkness in front of me. One day I was approached by men of God who prayed for me and when they saw the situation I was living in I was surprised to be told that God had opened the way for me to get a new home from a family in America.  I couldn't believe it, but when I saw the materials transported to my property my heart felt as if I was being taken to heaven. I thank God and the Guildner family, and I promise to serve God and Him alone all the rest of my life!"


May the God of all creation bless you and keep you safe, may the everlasting light from His face shine upon you, and may He grant you His peace in this life, as well as in the life everlasting. Amen


Thank you for blessing; Jared, Jenipher and Paul



Once again many thanks to the Guildner Family for being Christ to this family and the next in September!



Rob Bollinger
Founder & President, Nehemiah's Restoration, Inc.  





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