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November 2012
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Next WCBA Board of Director's Meeting
December 13th, 2012 at 3:00PM; Held at MJ Stevens Restaurant
5260 Aurora Rd. - Hartford, WI 53027


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New Dinner Meetings - Register Online!
2013 Expo Update
Membership Memo
Builder's Market Upodate
A Message from the WCBA President
September Board Meeting Minutes
Message from WCBA President
from the Education Committee by Matt McCabe                                   

The first of several WCBA Education Seminars planned for the calendar year 2013 is set for Wednesday, January 16. The event will be held at MJ Stevens Restaurant in Hartford and will begin promptly at 8 a.m. The seminar, entitled "Advance Building Science" will be presented by Kevin Hogan from Focus on Energy. Coffee, juice and doughnuts will be provided in the morning and lunch will be provided following the seminar at 12:30. Qualified contractors who attend the event will receive 4 Uniform Dwelling Code contractor points. The cost of the event is $60for WCBA members and $80 for non-members. Save $10 by registering before January 1st! Contact WCBA Education Committee Chairman, Matt McCabe, at 262-894-4242 with any questions.

2013 WCBA Expo Update by Jeff Feyrer

It is hard to believe it is already November, so that means the 2013 WCBA Expo will be here before we all know it, with the dates set for February 15 -17, 2013. The application is now available on the website http://wcba-wi.org on the events page, or the direct link here: http://wcba-wi.org/event.  Hurry in for your Early Bird registration and sign up by December 31, 2012 for a discounted price. New this year, with each Early Bird registration, you will have a chance in drawing for a free 10' x 10' upgrade.


If any members have any input, or suggestions for this years Expo, please don't hesitate to contact one of the WCBA board members or Expo Director, Jeff Feyrer @ 262-305-1673 or by e-mail [email protected] .


This year's board is working hard to make the 2013 Expo one of the best ever! 

Membership Notes
by David Spooner, Membership Director


As membership director in reviewing the WCBA past and present membership lists
a lot of errors were found in those lists in which the WCBA board obviously wanted to get clarified. I want to thank all of the members that I have contacted for the overwhelming vote of confidence for the new direction the WCBA is taking to become more informative & more responsive to its members.
Invoicing will be sent out to all the members I contacted to this point, if you don't receive an invoice you can go online to the WCBA website at www.wcba-wi.org. & [email protected]

The membership meeting at the Little Swiss Chalet was a huge success thank you all board members for setting it up . I welcome everyone to attend the next membership meeting at MJ Stevens restaurant next month..    

Annual Holiday Party Update

Hear Ye, Hear Ye ~ It's that time again to start next year with the Annual WCBA Holiday Party!

We are keeping up with the improved changes that the WCBA has encountered this year. You and a guest will enjoy meeting and mingling with the membership at The Washington County Historical Society, West Bend.  Saturday January 19th starting at 5:30 with cocktails and Hors D Oeuvre's, a guided tour thru the different exhibits at the museum, buffet dinner at 7:00 coordinated by Soiree Catering. More specific details will follow. Mark this date on the calendar and be ready for more info to come! 

Presidential_Message A Message from the WCBA
President, Dirk Wildt


With our recent move we have now officially made the transition from a traditional office based Association to a more modern "cloud" based Association in order to continue to serve the membership and act in a more financially responsible practice.   This change has had its share of challenges but will position  your Association in a much better place not only monetarily but also with a greatly improved communication system fashioned so that your concerns or questions can be acknowledged and responded to in a very timely manner.


As I mentioned last month within the next couple of weeks the new system will be in place so that when you call the Association phone number (262-334-5552) you will have the option of choosing to speak to either Matt McCabe - Vice President, Becky Miller- our new Administrative Assistant or myself.   Communication is a key to our success and we want to provide you with a resource that will be easy to use and produce results.  So give us a couple of weeks to get set up and try it out.


In closing, I understand with all the recent changes that it can be difficult for some to appreciate the reasons for the adjustments but be assured that your Officers and Board of Directors are committed to bringing sensible new ideas so that this Association lives up to its goal to inform, educate and provide networking opportunities for you the member.  See you at the meeting!


Best regards,


Dirk Wildt

November 13, 2012 3:12PM 
Board Meeting Minutes 

HELD AT: Little Swiss Chalet - Slinger, WI

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 15:12 by Dirk Wildt

a. Board of Directors, Present
i. Dirk Wildt, President
ii. Matt McCabe, Vice President
iii. Caroline Wilkes, Director
iv. Jason Miller, Director
v. Dave Spooner, Director
vi. Jeff Feyrer, Director
b. Board of Directors, Excused
i. Lee Ann Neuman, Treasurer
c. Administrative Assistant, Present
i. Becky Miller
d. Guests, Present
i. Stevie Mistele-Wildt

a. MOTION: Jason Miller; motion to approve minutes of prior meeting; 2nd motion by Dave Spooner; no further discussion; unanimously approved

a. Account balance as of 11/13/12 - $1,620
b. Need to invoice Dave @ Uptown for dinner meeting ($20) if he does not bring check to dinner meeting
c. Need to look into paying by credit card before event to avoid additional work accepting payments at event

a. Future Educational Seminars - Matt McCabe
i. Half-day Education Event on 1/16/13 from 8:00 am - 12:30 pm (lunch) at MJ Stevens, Kevin Hogan - Focus on Energy "Beyond the Basics" Advanced Building Science, 4 UDC points for those attending the full 4.5 hour seminar * Buffet Min of 25 people, Sit down dinner Max of 28 people * Pre-registration to end Sunday prior to event, January 13th
* $30 per members who pre-register online, $35 at door
* $40 for non-members who pre-register online, $45 at door
* Jason suggests increasing cost of $50 for member, $30 pre-register and $80 for non-member, $60 pre-register
ii. Goal of 3 educational events in 2013
* Use a blanket sponsor for all events if possible
iii. Need to file form with State in order for attendees to receive their UDC
b. Expo 2012 - Jeff Feyrer
i. Bette @ Valley Technologies to put Expo application on website per Becky's conversation with her on 11/12/12
ii. First deposit made ($750) 9/21/12
iii. Second deposit made ($1,841.50) 11/6/12
iv. Conley - keeping pricing the same as last year, Jeff was expecting to get proposal from Conley by 11/13/12 but has not yet received it, would like to have them include map/list of vendors at Expo. Need to look into a business card size ad put together possibly by a printer on the map being offered to vendors for $50 an ad. Need to add this offer to Expo Terms/Application under Registration section (Becky)
v. Jason needs promotion schedule to promote on Constant Contact
vi. Deadline of 1/31/13 to submit ad
vii. Want to start selling advance tickets around 1/1/13, possibility of selling tickets online
c. Membership Director - Dave Spooner
i. New members joining: Cherry Creek Mortgage, Hartford State Bank - Richfield
ii. Approximate number of members - 70
iii. Mostly favorable responses from members Dave has talked to
iv. Dave will continue to follow up with members
v. Discussion of offering Everett (attorney) membership for free, Dirk offered to call Everett to discuss, no one objects to giving free membership
vi. MOTION: Jason Miller; motion to offer Attorney Everett a free membership in trade and in appreciation of legal services provided to the WCBA at no charge, provided this does not create any conflict for Attorney Everett;2nd motion by Dave Spooner; no further discussion; unanimously approved
d. Constant Contact - Jason Miller
i. Articles were not sent in on time or not proofread appropriately, newsletter not done for October yet because of this; Articles are due one week from today
ii. Going forward, newsletter will be issued based on articles received on time
iii. Need dates, time, subject line for promotions on events, provide summary of benefits to attending
e. Holiday Party - Stevie Mistele-Wildt Chair
a. Have tentative booking at Historical Society in WB, in court house, Saturday Jan 19th, 2013, Soiree - (Kim) will be caterer $1,390 - food, appetizers 50 people, chicken pork, desserts, bartender services - 1 bartender 7 hours, no charge for beverages Not included coffee bar linens, plates glass ware - Equipment Rentals, not interested in providing, Kim has contacts for glassware, $400 for 6 hours rent w/$200 back if cleaned, additional time $50/hr, Exhibit time $50/hour for staff, $30 for dinner, possibly get a dj but acoustics are not good so might not be worth the money

a. Still working on getting eVoice set up
b. Auction items sold and everything got moved out
c. Update on status of lease
i. Looks like State Statue being mentioned has satisfied the 28 day notice
ii. Dirk attempted to do walk-through but landlord did not respond
iii. Attorney suggests waiting 28 days to request security deposit to returned

a. Next General Meeting Place - Matt McCabe
i. MJ Stevens, Thursday, December 13, 2012

a. Due to time restrictions, no open discussion

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned 4:56 at by Dirk Wildt

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A Message from
the WCBA
President, Dirk Wildt
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"With our recent move we have now officially made the transition from a traditional office based Association to a more modern "cloud" based Association in order to continue to serve the membership and act in a more financially responsible practice..."
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