Nikola News

Issue 46
Mar 2016

Many thanks to this month's model Daniela Nagy

My name is Daniela and I am a big fan of the Nikola store. 
I absolutely love the European designs and the energy in the store is so welcoming and warm.
A few things about myself, I was born in Romania and grew up there under the communism system. As a young girl growing up, I had a fantasy dream.  My big dream ever since I could remember was to move and live in Canada and as unrealistic as that sounded to all my family and friends back under the communism regime, that strong desire came through in my early 20's when I applied for a Canadian residence and succeeded.  
Although I went through lots of hardships once that little girl dream was achieved, having to integrate to a new culture, being away from my family and my dear lifetime friends, I never stopped appreciating this big opportunity.  
Canada is what I now call home, it is the home of my 2 beautiful children that are Canadian born and I am so proud of being part of this peaceful most beautiful country, the country of my dreams!! 


New Freaky Flax linen arrivals from Poland.  Necklace Sonja Creation.  Bunker Boots.  Dress also available in Navy and Oatmeal.

Sonja Necklace


New Inizio Arrival; this shirt is back again.  Also available in Black, Light Grey and Oatmeal.  Linen Palazzo Pant Cut Loose is also available in Oatmeal.

Color Me Cotton Blazer Tunic (or Dress) and Capri.  Also available in Dark Grey.

Color me Cotton Jacket and Cut Loose Capri

Bryn Walker Cross - Dyed Linen.  Also available in Tan. Necklace is Anne B.


Freaky Flax Dress (Or Tunic) and Jacket. 

Freaky Flax Tunic (or Dress) and Skirt

Inizio Shirt also available in Light Grey.


Cosmos Tunic also available in Black.


Freaky Flax Tunic also available in Fuchsia Pink.   Necklace is a Sonja Creation.

New Chalet Linens now in Store.

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There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling.  
 It's why you were born. 
 And how you become Most Truly Alive.

- Oprah Winfrey


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