Issue #31
November 2014

Nikola News

Many thanks to this month's model Karen Driedger


Karen Driedger, sculptor, speaker and innovator, is as open and inviting as the Saskatchewan prairie sky where she grew up. Through her consulting and coaching business, fourward thinking, she works with a variety of businesses, communities, organizations and individuals to identify possibilities and increase impact. By looking at the world in different ways and inspiring action, Karen enhances success: in life, work and play, connecting people, imagination and energy.


Karen collaborates to create meaningful experiences towards transformative action.She has worked extensively in the education, recreation, health and wellness sectors across Canada and internationally. Her work intersects creative arts, learning, wellbeing, and community building. She facilitates cross-sector partnerships to support strategic and sustainable development, and innovates new approaches integrating a unique blend of creativity and community development principles into her practice. Karen's zest for life is fueled by traveling the world.


Her most recent adventure, "Showgirl Trapped in a Librarian's Body", focuses on the essence of living life to the fullest. It's an experience that combines sculpture, story and photography. To find out more or connect with Karen visit her website www.fourward.ca

Necklace a new Sonja Creation.  Shirt; a new line from Belgium; Capris Arvi Krosner.

This shirt is also available in Silver Blue and of course Black.

Mohair Cape 

Bev's Latest Shrug; perfect for Christmas functions or any time over a t-shirt and blue jeans, or over anything!

Bryn Walker Heavy Linen.  Also available in Lentil, Black, and Mustard, as well as Blue.  Necklace Sonja Creation.

New Chalet Capris that look like a skirt.

Chalet Jacket, Banana Blue Scarf.  Jacket is Tencel and Modal; very soft, drapes well and does not cling.

Bryn Walker 100% Cotton Jacket.  Also available in Black, Fuchsia, and Green.

A new Sweater from "Line".

Pure Sweater, Bryn Walker Linen Capris, Red Cashmere Scarf, and Sonja Necklace.

Chalet Jacket; Tencel and Modal.  Also available in Grey.  Bryn Walker Oliver Pants.  Also available in Lentil and Blue.

Color me Cotton T-Shirt.  Available in many colours.

Color me Cotton Jacket over T-shirt.

Cashmere Scarf available in many colours.   Made exclusively for Nikola.  These 3 meter scarves are a wonderful length. Jacket is "Elsewhere"; a line from Poland.

Sonja being Creative with Lighting. Neon Buddha Dress.

Bryn Walker Bamboo Jacket, with Cashmere Scarf, and a Sonja Necklace.


Every purchase made entitles you to any Pashmina in the store at half price.  Pashminas make wonderful Christmas gifts and at this price one for you and one for a friend.

Last weekend I was at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Show and will be there again for the next two weekends.  Come by and say hello if you come to the show.


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

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