Issue #18
October 2013

Nikola News

Many thanks to Jewal Kylo for being this month's Nikola model.
Jewal Kylo.
Currently four years in magical Inglewood as a resident. 54 years on this planet. Born in Terrace, BC and then a childhood spent in Rocky Mtn. House.  Vancouver, BC and area is where I established my adult self as a massage therapist, long time business owner and teacher. My work includes Soma therapy, energy work similar to Reiki or Chi Gong, aromatherapy, Expressive Art therapy, nature and the healing presence of animals sometimes. I love travel to far off places like the high Himalayas, Antarctica, or Easter Island and if I haven't had my tramp each day, especially with my highly determined fave side kick, a certain Komondor dog called Buffalo, I am not connected to my day. I have a book that is fighting to get out of me and so my little 100 year "River Cottage" here in Inglewood has impregnated the beginnings of it. I will be leaving on a new West Coast adventure shortly where I imagine my book wants to be born.




Bryn Walker's new fall line.  The bamboo coats are in and going fast.  The bamboo knit tunic and capris are available in many colours.

New jacket for Bryn Walker and the pocket pants are back.   All three pieces available in many colours.  The two necklaces both by a local designer; Coutu and Kitsch.

Fabulous new Bryn Walker heavy linen long jacket with matching capris.  Available in Red, Fuchsia, Eggplant and Light Grey. 

 Gorgeous cashmere poncho oversized sweater.  Also available in a yellow green.

Color Me Cotton Brocade swing coat; available also in copper and green.  

The colors of the Bryn Walker Bamboo Coats.

Have new colors of the Fabulous Bryn Walker Naida Tunic.


  Our beautiful Sue in one of her own creations.  

These sweater coats are Made in Canada.  Also available in Oatmeal.  Great for this time of year.

A new line for Nikola, Made in Italy: Cocco Bella.  Great for all the holiday parties coming up, or pair these great tunics over jeans for a casual get together.  Love pieces that can do double duty so well.

Sonja's newest creations.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."


I would love to thank all you wonderful Nikola women who have the courage to be original.



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