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Is it us or does summer seem to be waning into fall already? The back-to-school sales are on, the nights seem to be a bit cooler and plans for who is hosting Thanksgiving have just begun (at least in some families).

Now would be a good time to look back to see how your building performed this summer. How energy efficient, how many comfort complaints did you have to manage, and were you more or less in control of your building? This issue of TRENDS touches on the issues of Comfort, Control, and Energy Savings.

We invite you to take a look and see if there are any questions or challenges that we can help you solve (except who will be hosting the Turkey Day). 
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Thermal Discomfort:
Understanding the Root Causes Increases Tenant Comfort and Energy Savings
Thermal Comfort & Energy SavingsIt's true, when it comes to temperature comfort, you will never be able to make everyone happy or  influence personal factors such as clothing or individual metabolism. But if you ignore thermal dissatisfaction complaints, it could cost you in the long run in both tenant satisfaction and energy consumption.

This article from Buildings Magazine will help you understand the four underlying causes of thermal discomfort. With this insight, you can take an investigative approach and make adjustments that satisfy occupants and your budget. Read More
Retrofit for Rooftop HVAC Package Units Yields Substantial Savings 
COAC Preparing to Upgrade HVAC Packaged Unit
A case study provided by Bonneville Power Administration in the Pacific Northwest, described how a small retailer retrofitted 2 rooftop packaged HVAC units with a new efficiency technology and was able to save over 24,000 kWh (a 45% reduction) per year. 
Similar results were identified in another 12-month field test  at malls, grocery stores, offices and other commercial buildings throught out the US.

This technology, from Transformative Wave, is called CATALYST and it combines conventional energy saving measures with new innovative fan controls in an easy-to-implement device for single zone rooftop units.

PG&E and SMUD have both acknowledged the accuracy of the savings from this new technology and are providing incentives to customers who retrofit their HVAC systems. The incentives for PG&E are based on HVAC tons (as high as $194/ton) and the SMUD incentives are currently based on kWh saved ($0.08 per kWh).

Interested in decreasing the energy use of your rooftop HVAC units or would like more information on the CATALYST system?  click here to learn more.
No More Excuses For Not Using EnergyStar
Energy Star LogoEvery facility manager and property manager knows about Energy Star? The program is now in its 20th year, and more than 20,000 facilities carry Energy Star certification. But as well known as Energy Star may be, there are many industry professionals that have misconceptions about the program, which may be preventing them from taking advantage of powerful resources that will help them to use less energy.

Cityscape of EnergyStar Buildings This 3-part article from Building Operating Management debunks many of the widely held misconceptions and excuses about the EnergyStar program, its many resources and the benefits available to building professionals.  Read More


10 Steps to more efficient buildings 36% of the US electricity usage is drawn by commercial building space and 18% of the entire country's energy consumption, and its pretty certain that a good portion of that is wasted. This Wall Street Journal article lists 10 relatively simple - and often inexpensive- ways  to slash energy use in your buildings. Read More and Save Energy Here
CEC Announces Delays in the AB1103 enforcement REGULATORY UPDATE:
Benchmarking Regulations delayed for buildings 5,000
-10,000 sq. ft. until 2016.

AB-1103, the Commercial Building Energy Use Disclosure Program, requiring building owners to disclose the building's energy use benchmark score to potential buyers, leasers of the entire building and/or upon refinancing the building, as been delayed for buildings 5,000-10,000 sq. ft.

Enforcement is currently in effect for buildings 10,000 sq. ft. and larger. But as of July 22, 2014, the CEC revised the schedule for AB1103 implementation for buildings from 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. with enforcement to begin July 1, 2016.


Click Here for the COAC Benchmarking FAQ Sheet 

California Energy Commission AB1103 information page

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August 2014
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Root Causes of Thermal Discomfort
Retrofit Yield Substantial Savings
No More Energy Star Excuses
10 Steps to More Efficient Buildings
Regulatory Update: AB-1103
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Cooler sleep enhances metabolism Cool It In The Bedroom 
COAC is not suggesting any diminished amorousness in the bedroom, but a recent New York article describes the benefits of cooler sleeping temperatures on your health.

The article discusses how lower temperatures during sleep produce measurable metabolic enhancements. Chill out and sleep your way to better health.  Read More
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COAC Joins 
The Unified Group
The Unified Group is a national organization of commercial HVAC companies. Founded in August 1998 by a core group of quality driven, independent mechanical contractors. They believed in order to thrive, they needed an organization in which they could work together with other like-minded commercial contractors, while at the same time retaining their independence.

Today, the Unified Group is made up of the best contractors from all over the United States. Through their sharing of information, best practices and training, members are able to provide the finest possible service.

Cooper Oates Air Conditioning is very proud to have been chosen to join this prestigious alliance of mechanical contractors. We will endeavor to continue this tradition and increase the standards of excellence in our industry.  
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